Chaotic Thinking

Another short update with no pictures I’m afraid. On the upside though I only have one of my original Long Fangs to go. The only problem is whether I’ll get it finished for Thursday’s post or if I’ll be distracted by Helsreach, which I’ve finally got round to buying.

The rumour sites are busy talking about the upcoming Warriors of Chaos models. I guess that I’ll take a good look at the new White Dwarf when it comes out on Saturday. I don’t want to branch out into Warhammer Fantasy just yet but ever since I read Valkia the Bloody I’ve wanted to build my own Valkia, just for the fun of it. The trouble is that now there’s going to be an official one and so I feel that all my plotting and scheming and trying to figure out how to make a slimmer, more streamlined Daemon Prince/Princess may have been wasted.

I need to go to my local GW on Saturday as, not only do I want to get this month’s White Dwarf, I finally need to replace my Chaos Black which is pretty much empty. I’m not too bothered about swapping to the “new” black as it’s not exactly going to have any colour matching problems and so far the new paints that I have used have been perfectly fine.

I’m currently trying to consider whether I really want Angel Exterminatus now, or if I want to wait until it comes out in paperback. On one hand it’s a shiny new Horus Heresy book, on the other hand it won’t fit on the shelf with the others. I’m also wondering if this was the right book to start the new “special” versions with. If it had been Fear to Tread that had been released in hardback then I think we probably would have ordered it without thinking, as the episode is an important one in the Horus Heresy and for the Blood Angels. The trouble is that I know very little about Perturabo. He turned up as the bad guy in The Crimson Fist, but his portrayal there did nothing to warm him to me. It’s been relatively easy to feel some sympathy for most of the other fallen Primarchs and perhaps all that Perturabo needs is his own book in order to rank up there with Lorgar or Magnus or Fulgrim but I’m not gripped with curiosity about him at the moment.  Maybe the internal illustrations by Karl Richardson will sway me, I loved his work in Lone Wolves after all. However I’m still wondering if that and the mystery that is Perturabo is enough to make me pay out the extra euros in order to get the hardback, or whether I’d rather buy a couple of paperbacks instead.