White Dwarf November 2012

Last weekend I picked up the second of the new look White Dwarfs. It’s still on probation as far as I am concerned but I’m fairly happy so far.

There are a few reminders of the bad old days, namely while last month’s magazine was heavily 40K orientated while this month’s issue was largely based around Warhammer Fantasy. As someone who currently only pays 40k, it’s hard for me to really get into a largely fantasy based article. However, part of this problem is due to the magazine being based round the new releases, which take up a very large chunk of the magazine.

Oddly enough, I did spend some time on the new releases. I find that I like looking at the pictures, even of models that I’ll never buy. I get eye strain easily and as I work on a PC all day during the week, I don’t like spending all evening browsing the web (the weekend is another matter). Having  large high quality images in White Dwarf means that I can look at, drool over and criticise the pictures to my heart’s content. There are a few too many of them though and the Forgeworld pictures were very disappointing. The “normal” Games Workshop models have new pictures, different to those on the website, the Forgeworld pictures were the same mostly unpainted models seen on the Forgeworld site. In the case of the Magma Dragon, there are colour pictures on the Forgeworld page, yet all the magazine got was a picture of a rather boring looking lump of grey resin (and I like the Magma Dragon). What’s the point of putting Forgeworld stuff in the magazine if someone is not going to actually make an effort to sell it!

It is rather obvious that this is the White Dwarf for parents doing Christmas shopping as the gift guide gets a large spread. As a hobbyist this is frustrating, but thinking as someone who has bought Games Workshop related presents (without being able to openly ask the giftee what they want) and who every year has a mild panic over what to buy her brothers for Christmas, I can see the appeal of a pictorial list of stuff that can be taken into a shop and pointed at.

I was tempted by the ‘Eavy Metal Edge Paint Set… until I saw the price, which is far more than I’d consider paying, especially as I don’t really need special edge highlighting paints.

As a 40K player, the big splash this week was the Imperial Defence Network. It looks pretty nice but I don’t really have space for it at the moment, so I’m merely admiring it from afar. I’m more likely to pick up the Valkia the Bloody model which is almost right, and paint her just for kicks. Actually I have already done so, this post has taken me far too long to write, and she is absolutely gorgeous, but I’ll write about her another time.

The Army of the Month is a nice feature. I’ll happily look over other people’s beautifully painted models for hours, despite the gnawing envy over the fact that they are so, so much nicer than mine. I’m looking forward to seeing what army will be showcased next month.

Of the regular editorial like opinion pieces, Jeremy Vetock, Jervis Johnson and Blanchitsu, I much prefer the first two. Blanchitsu was a four page spread with two pages of content and was, to be honest, fairly disappointing. Jervis Johnson’s column was fairly interesting. I’m not a tournament player, so I can’t give a critical view on it, but it was perfectly readable. Vetock’s article was quite fun too and made me smile, which is very nice. I really want to know what a “shrill but manly Wyvern shriek” sounds like now!

Although the Hall of Fame is not content heavy I quite like the idea of spotlighting a particular model and the Mangler Squigs are cute!

The hobby related content in this month’s White Dwarf is fairly good and the salt technique was new to me. I’m really liking the direction they’ve taken in the hobby section, it feels more useful and, even if the techniques are irrelevant sometimes, there’s plenty of inspiration and encouragement there.

However I still don’t get why the “This month in” section is after the store directory. It’s far too good to be hidden away.

In conclusion, this month’s White Dwarf is still riding on the same high as last month. It has the same good and less good parts (well, if nothing else they’re consistent). I’m planning at waiting until next month before I make up my mind on the new layout still though. I just hope that it isn’t all about Lord of the Rings as that would be rather boring for me!


Chaotic Thinking

Another short update with no pictures I’m afraid. On the upside though I only have one of my original Long Fangs to go. The only problem is whether I’ll get it finished for Thursday’s post or if I’ll be distracted by Helsreach, which I’ve finally got round to buying.

The rumour sites are busy talking about the upcoming Warriors of Chaos models. I guess that I’ll take a good look at the new White Dwarf when it comes out on Saturday. I don’t want to branch out into Warhammer Fantasy just yet but ever since I read Valkia the Bloody I’ve wanted to build my own Valkia, just for the fun of it. The trouble is that now there’s going to be an official one and so I feel that all my plotting and scheming and trying to figure out how to make a slimmer, more streamlined Daemon Prince/Princess may have been wasted.

I need to go to my local GW on Saturday as, not only do I want to get this month’s White Dwarf, I finally need to replace my Chaos Black which is pretty much empty. I’m not too bothered about swapping to the “new” black as it’s not exactly going to have any colour matching problems and so far the new paints that I have used have been perfectly fine.

I’m currently trying to consider whether I really want Angel Exterminatus now, or if I want to wait until it comes out in paperback. On one hand it’s a shiny new Horus Heresy book, on the other hand it won’t fit on the shelf with the others. I’m also wondering if this was the right book to start the new “special” versions with. If it had been Fear to Tread that had been released in hardback then I think we probably would have ordered it without thinking, as the episode is an important one in the Horus Heresy and for the Blood Angels. The trouble is that I know very little about Perturabo. He turned up as the bad guy in The Crimson Fist, but his portrayal there did nothing to warm him to me. It’s been relatively easy to feel some sympathy for most of the other fallen Primarchs and perhaps all that Perturabo needs is his own book in order to rank up there with Lorgar or Magnus or Fulgrim but I’m not gripped with curiosity about him at the moment.  Maybe the internal illustrations by Karl Richardson will sway me, I loved his work in Lone Wolves after all. However I’m still wondering if that and the mystery that is Perturabo is enough to make me pay out the extra euros in order to get the hardback, or whether I’d rather buy a couple of paperbacks instead.

Drill bits, White Dwarf, Glue and Fantasy

Well there was no post last night because I’ve been making very little progress. For some reason on Saturday I decided to drill out the barrels on the guns on all of my models. I ruined two bolt pistols before I decided that I need a finer drill bit. Of course the shop in town doesn’t have any, so I’m going to have to trek to the out of town DIY store.

I finally managed to pick up September’s White Dwarf (the Dark Vengeance one). I haven’t been to my local GW for a while- things keep getting in my way, either life in general or the Formula 1 or Moto GP on the telly. However I broke so many bits off my metal models that I needed new super glue and, as there is a dearth of model shops in my area I gave in and decided to buy a tube of the  Citadel stuff. I’ve been using normal super glue but I’ve not been happy with it as it’s either too liquid or not liquid enough for what I want. That meant that if I wanted to make progress this week I’d have to catch a train and go to my local GW.

I wasn’t overly impressed with this month’s White Dwarf, I bought it in order to look at the pictures but I reckon that I’m getting picky these days as I wasn’t overly impressed. I’m looking forward to the new improved White Dwarf- I always tend to try and keep optimistic about books and magazines but White Dwarf is currently missing something (possibly content). Hopefully the reboot will revitalize it a bit. I’m not too bothered about the price, compared to the other magazines that I read it’s not so bad, what I am worried about is that there’ll somehow be even less content. I guess that I’ll find out on Saturday.

A much better read was Valkia the Bloody by Sarah Cawkwell. I know that it’s Warhammer Fantasy rather than 40K but it’s a book that I’ve been thinking about getting since it came out. I was hoping to get a copy when I was back in the UK but I couldn’t find one. I have to say that it was well worth the wait. It’s a great read- I got through it in an afternoon, I couldn’t put it down, and while I know very little about Warhammer Fantasy (the cross over with Daemons is very helpful) it was perfectly understandable as a stand alone novel. It was strange just how compelling Valkia was. I knew as I read the book that she was Not a Very Nice Person but I couldn’t stop cheering for her even during her most skull snatching, blood spilling scenes. It’s not a long book, so if you haven’t read it yet, go and pick up a copy, you won’t regret it!