Flyer rant

I wasn’t going to post tonight- I had stuff to do for a giant review post but I thought I’d share what was on the Games Workshop blog today- particularly the bit at the end:

 “Incidentally, when the Stormtalon came out, many hobbyists asked us on Facebook if they could use it in their Black Templars/Space Wolves/Blood Angels army. Well now, if you pick it as an allied unit to your main army, the answer is very happily: yes.”

Umm… umm… I have to play a whole other codex if I want a flyer? You’re kidding me right? I’m really, really hoping that this is careless writing and that I get to retract this post next week when the new rules come out. I guess that there are a few armies in the same position: Sisters of Battle, Black Templars, Dark Angels (although they aren’t mentioned in the blog post-hmm), Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, Tau, Tyranids and Eldar don’t currently have flyers although there are rumours of Tau and Eldar having them in future, and CSM and Dark Angels are rumoured to be in line for a new codex. I’m curious to see what exactly is redefined and who loses out. I guess that winged daemon princes (with daemonic flight) will be flying monstrous creatures and Tyranids also have one I think.

Flyers look like they might be quite a big part of 6th, so it’s at best annoying that whole armies are apparently being forgotten, at worst it could make them unplayable in certain situations.

I’m just hoping that I don’t end up adding Grey Knights to my list just so that I can have a Storm Raven…

So close…

Now, I try to keep positive about Games Workshop, I get very frustrated with all the internet moaning, but in the past few days there have been two things on their website that annoy me.

The first thing is flyer related. In an earlier post I was quite excited about the new flyers (I still am) and I was hoping that there would be one for Space Wolves. I was still hopeful until Thursday’s “What’s New Today” when they started talking about Flyers, saying what other fast skimmers are available for the new missions. For those Space Marine Chapters without access to Storm Talons or Storm Ravens they suggest… wait for it… Land Speeders! Admittedly you can get three basic Land Speeders for the price of one Storm Talon, but although you get three times the “wounds” you only get three heavy bolters (for the same cost as one Storm Talon), and, for Wolves and Blood Angels at least, none of the exciting rules. I really need to pick up a few more codices one of these days, so I can compare things for more than just Space Wolves and Blood Angels, don’t I?

If I had an iPad I probably would have picked up a new e-version of the Space Marines Codex on Sunday. Unfortunately I don’t, and that’s the other thing frustrating me this week. The idea of having all my codices and rulebooks to hand in a lightweight electronic form that I can consult whether I’m at home, at a gaming club/shop or even on a train, would be very nice and I like the idea of the expanded codex, the only problem is that I don’t own and will not be owning an iPad, which means that I miss out… again! It’s like the BBC’s international iPlayer all over again. Here I am, with money burning a hole in my pocket, only to be told that as none of the four (soon to be five) operating systems in use in my household is iOS Whatever, they don’t want my money. Actually, to be fair to Games Workshop, I was more annoyed at the BBC thing, as they’d been advertising it for ages before it was released without saying that it was going to be Apple only, while this was a bit of a surprise.

It is however, a step in the right direction. It’s just a pity that they didn’t ask the guys in Black Library to help, and instead went for a one platform only release with a platform that takes 30% of the price of the product. Hopefully this is just a test run and that once they get over the whole “new and shiny” phase, they’ll click that there is a wider market out there. I’ve seen people complain about the price being the same as the paperback copy. I know that there isn’t the printing and the storage costs, but they still have to pay the writers and the designers etc., so I can imagine that it’s not all pure profit! I guess that they can charge whatever they like for it though. They could be selling it for a lump of cheese and three bars of chocolate or for three rubies the size of hens’ eggs, plucked from the statue of a forgotten statue in a long abandoned temple, deep in the Himalayas, until they release it on a platform that I use, it’s out of my grasp!

Flyers, Scouts and Styrene

Just a quick note again. I’m off to a meeting tomorrow for a couple of days so there’s unlikely to be a post on Thursday. I don’t think that I’ll be dragging any Black Library books with me and I definitely won’t be doing any painting or modelling. I also might not be able to deal with any comments or problems as I don’t know how much internet access that I’ll have, or rather how much internet access I will have for fooling around on the web.

I managed to do my back in over the weekend so I’ve been trying (and failing) to ease back on the crafting side of things this evening, which meant that instead of spending an hour or two painting a Wolf Scout I decided to make a start on a bit of scenery. It’s not at a stage where I’m going to show pictures and things but it looks like it might be fun. I’m using plasticard (styrene sheets) to build it and I imagine that, once I get back from this trip and do some more work on it, there’ll be milliput or greenstuff involved. There will at least be candles to model- dribbly candles of course, and pools of gloop and gore. I’m trying to think of a way to meld together the base colours of my boyfriend’s daemons (grey) and my Wolves (snowy sand). I think that I have it, but I need to build up the basic shape first. It will be a bit of flat terrain that could be difficult or dangerous terrain or an objective of some sort.

I did make a start on painting one of my Wolf Scouts yesterday and today. I’m still pretty happy with the cloak I made, but it’s a bit tricky to paint. Still, I know that Scouts don’t take too long to paint and then I can move onto my Old School Long Fangs, which will then mean that I have room in the queue for the stuff I bought on Saturday.

This brings me on to Flyers. I picked up White Dwarf 390 on Saturday and it was actually pretty good. The trouble is that I now want a flyer and Space Wolves don’t seem to be getting one! I know, I know, Space Wolves are rather (very) over-powered, but, as you may have already guessed, I don’t play serious 40K. I find the MSU Space Wolf lists a little bit contrary to the spirit of the codex. I’m trying to build up a list with a raider theme- lots of fast attack in the form of bikes, speeders and wolves (without Wolf Guard on top- lazy sods) and a flyer would fit the theme. I guess that if I can’t have one, I’ll have to persuade my boyfriend that he really needs one for his Ork list!

I have to admit that the Storm Talon has really grown on me. The initial leaked pictures looked a bit ugly, but the pictures in the codex show that the vehicle has a bit more length than I initially thought and it looks really hot in Salamander green!

The Ork bombers look great fun and I look forward to seeing some of those about. They feel really orky and also have a wonderful hint of those days spent bodging together plastic planes when I was growing up.

The Necron Sythe thingies look quite, well, Necrony, but they haven’t grabbed my attention as much as the Space Marine and Ork flyers.

I guess that I should go to bed now and dream of aeroplanes. It’s just like being a kid all over again!