Rune Priests, Swiftclaws and Filthy Xenos!

My boyfriend and I were in the UK last week and as we had a nice free day at the right end of the right country we made a trip to visit The Overlords again. My boyfriend and I teamed up so we had 750 points of his Orks and 750 points of my Space Wolves facing 1500 points of Eldar. It was an awesome game (which we lost) and I really enjoyed it (thanks very much again). However, as a battle report requires more details than I can remember (like what was in the other two armies), I’m afraid I’m going to gloss over the game and skip straight to what I’ve learned.

1) Eldar are interesting. I have to admit that Eldar never really interested me before. I don’t know why, but I’ve never really looked at them closely. After Sunday I think that I might take a bit more interest, I might even (ok, will) buy the codex some day. I liked the look of the models and I liked the way they played and I’m even coming up with paint schemes in my head.

2) My setting up is atrocious! I really need to think more about how I set up as I’m making stupid mistakes. For instance, my Long Fangs were out of range for large chunks of the game. I had five Grey Hunters plonked on the Objective and five Long Fangs on top of the building where it was hidden. Unfortunately we were playing The Emperor’s Will with Vanguard Strike and the objectives were in the far corners and, as the Orks and the Wolves stormed over towards the other objective, most of the action was on the other side of the board. I also set up my Swiftclaws slightly incorrectly. There was a river on the board that counted as Difficult Terrain, and, rather than going round it, I decided to take the short route, which led to one of my Swiftclaws being swept away while my Wolf Priest took a wound. It would have been a lot better if I had taken the slightly longer, safer, route.

3) The core of my army are my Rune Priest, Wolf Priest and Swiftclaws. My Rune Priest really came into his own this game. I gave him his usual combination of Living Lightning (which I didn’t get round to using) and Tempest’s Wrath, which turned out to be very useful against Mech Eldar. The Runic Weapon that he carries is also very handy when facing enemy Psykers. Although the Swiftclaws die fairly quickly, that’s almost their job. I use them to get to the enemy and distract them so that I can get my other guys forward. The Wolf Priest on bike is far more survivable (so long as you don’t roll 1s when crossing Difficult Terrain) and, though I wish I’d given him Melta bombs, does his fair share of damage. He’s really good fun to play too.

Hildolfr left

Anyway, despite losing badly, I actually finished a game, had a lot of fun and was happy with my list. I guess that the main thing that I need now is practice!


On the twelfth day of Christmas the hobby meant to me…

Twelve Space Wolf Great Companies…

So this is the last post in this series, normal service will shortly be resumed. This post took longer than I expected, sorry. The reason why will, hopefully, become clear soon enough.

Today I want to talk about my army. The picture below describes my army as it is. I’ve arranged it mostly in the same way as the Force Org although you may notice that there are four Heavy Support slots drawn in. That is because I have a Land Raider to paint one of these days as well as another pack of Long Fangs.

Great company coloured

My Wolves are part of the Great Company of Ælthere Greatpaw. I wanted to give my guys a Viking raider feel, so I’m going for lots of Fast Attack in the form of Swiftclaws, Land Speeders and Fenrisian Wolves, although I’m not impressed with the Landspeeder so far. The bikes are cheaper and survive a little bit longer (if more by luck than any special ability). I don’t like Thunderwolf Cavalry, don’t ask me why, I just don’t, so I’m avoiding them.

I have three HQ choices at the moment and I’m not planning on any more for now. As well as Greatpaw himself, who is a Wolf Lord in Terminator armour, I have Alvaldi Ratatosk, the Rune Priest, and Hildólfr Deathmask, the Wolf Priest. I actually have two models of Deathmask, one in Terminator Armour and one on a bike, as I wanted a more mobile HQ choice to go with my Swiftclaws.

Oddly enough, although this is Greatpaw’s Company, he’s the one guy for which I have least fluff (beyond the fact that I imagine him with a broad Yorkshire accent. My imagination is weird some days). Deathmask though is explained in detail in two posts here! The symbolism on Ratatosk is mentioned in my original post on him. I like trying to add symbolism to my figures. I find that it helps me to paint them if I have a sketchy idea of name and personality. Sometimes this personality doesn’t develop until I paint them (I have a Blood Claw with an axe who looks like he hasn’t had an original idea in his life), sometimes it never develops at all, but I find that a model with a sketchy back story gets painted far more quickly than one without. Oddly enough I forget all about this as soon as I field them in a game!

For Elites I currently have Wolf Guard Terminators (three for now, but hopefully more will follow in time) and a mixed bunch of Wolf Scouts. In future I’ll be adding a Dreadnought to the list, but he’s still in his box and desperately needs assembling and painting. I like Dreadnoughts, I’m just not sure how I want to build this one though.

My troops slot still has plenty of room to expand. I currently split the ten man packs into two but what I really need to do is build more. I’m working on it, honestly! The Space Wolf Pack boxes are almost too detailed. It takes a long time to paint each guy properly and that makes painting new Grey Hunter and Blood Claw packs a little bit off-putting.

I’m still building up my Heavy Support choices too. I have one complete pack of Long Fangs and another partly painted pack. The rest are in need of assembly and my Land Raider needs painting. It’s just a little bit daunting! I’m also a little bit nervous about putting too many points into this slot as my Long Fangs have seen very little action so far.

Anyway, that’s the last of this series. I hope that you enjoyed them. I’ll be back to my usual schedule (hopefully) on Tuesday. I have plenty of non-numericially themed posts waiting!


…Eleven months of blogging…

…Ten thousand years past…

…Nine different tools…

…Eight books to look at…

…Seven days of hobbying…

… Learning sixth edition…

…Fifth Edition!…

…Four more excuses…

…Three things to think of…

Two different opinions

And a gift under the Christmas Tree

Chooser of the Slain: painted and based

So, here she is, my first scratch build. All in all it was great fun to build something completely from scratch and I’m pretty happy as, apart from being ground based, she looks like the idea I had in my head before I started this project. I probably could have made her more detailed, there are no rivets for instance and I used smooth piping, but her size made her tricky to hold, let alone sculpt.

The front is meant to be largely organic, hinting that she is, or once was a raven.

The back was vaguely inspired by the Iron Chicken from The Clangers, and is much more metallic. I don’t know how she’d fly- I imagine that there are Grav Plates attached somewhere!

Finally, in order to get an idea of scale, here she is next to my Rune Priest.

I need to catch up on my painting next, but I have more stuff waiting to be built when I clear some of the painting queue!


Chooser of the Slain- some progress

I know, I was going to work on splashing paint on models this evening but instead I’ve been working on sculpting my Chooser of the Slain. The photos are quite poor I’m afraid but I hope they give you an idea of what she looks like. She’s made purely from green stuff which has been rather fun and a bit of a challenge. The base is a resin one by Wargames Tournaments that I bought at Salute.

I tried to get a fusion of metal and feathers and I’m really hoping that it works once I paint it. I guess that I’ll find out this weekend. She shouldn’t take too long to paint as she is really small.

Alvaldi Ratatosk, Rune Priest of Great-Paw’s company

I’m sorry that this is late, I was out yesterday evening and before then I was trying to finish this guy off. However, better late than never, so here is Alvaldi Ratatosk, Rune Priest of the Great Company of Ælthere Great-Paw.

If you’ve seen the earlier posts, you can see the development of the model. Most parts came from the Space Wolves pack, although I used shoulder Pads from the Devastator kit in order to keep the basic model a bit more uncluttered. The eagle on top of the staff came from the Devastator Sergeant and the staff itself is a bit of pinning rod, stuck through a trimmed down power sword arm. Most of the rest is Green Stuff.

As the character is called Ratatosk after the gossiping squirrel in Norse myth I tried to reflect that in the staff, with the snake at the bottom, the eagle (double headed in this case) at the top and a squirrel somewhere in the middle. As it is a Rune Priest’s staff, I felt that it should have talismans attached to it. The wolf tail talisman came from the Space Wolves pack, but the rest is green stuff and thin wire. I went for a mixture of fangs and rune stones and I also made a feather (supposedly a raven’s feather) for it as I’m planning to give him a Chooser of the Slain once I make it. I tried to make a spiral pattern on the staff using the green-stuffed animals and I  also a painted spiral in Chainmail and Mithril silver, over which I used the Citadel Glazes to make it glow although the effect isn’t as strong as it was on the power axe I painted a while back.

I painted the cloak white using Ceramite White and used a Gryphonne Sepia wash to bring out the inscribed details. I then used drybrushing to highlight the convex folds. The robes are grey with a red lining. I was thinking about giving him a coat of many colours but that really didn’t work, so I stuck to using bright linings on both the cloak and the robe and more muted shades on the outer surfaces.

So there you have it, Alvaldi Ratatosk the Rune Priest ready just in time for me to try to figure out how all these new psychic powers work!


Quick update on the Rune Priest

Well, I did a few more things to my Rune Priest over the past few days. First I gave him a sleeveless robe.

I did this by using thin strips of green stuff with cut outs to allow for the shape of the arms. I joined them up along the seams, which I left rough to make it look a bit scruffy. I also added a couple of bullet holes.

The cloak on the other hand looks a lot newer. Mainly because having spent so long on it I didn’t have the heart to add damage. What I did do was inscribe runes on the outer side and add a belt to gather it together at the shoulder.

The final thing I did was use the runes from the power sword I chopped up for the staff arm to give him a necklace/amulet and string together a wolf tail talisman from the Space Wolves box along with bits of green stuff in the form of fangs, runes and feathers, to add decoration to the staff.

He’s now been washed gently in soapy water in order to wash off any stray Vaseline and he’s awaiting base coating.


Ratatosk the Rune Priest part 1

Sorry, I’ve been a bit quiet this week. No excuses, I just didn’t do much!

What I did do this weekend is start a Rune Priest conversion. It all started when Commsnake over on The Overlords forum initiated a modelling challenge. I’ve been thinking about a Rune Priest for a while and as my Iron Hands bits have been returned to the shop, I decided that it would be perfect for the challenge.

I’ve used bits from the Space Wolves pack and the Devastators kit (because they’re plainer). I reposed the legs so that he looks a little more dynamic (I hope). I used a power sword arm for the staff. I removed the sword and drilled out the hand so that I could insert a length of pinning rod. The eagle on top of the staff was taken from the banner in the Devastator kit. I’d spent ages trying to make one until my boyfriend pointed out that there should be one in the kit.

The character is called Ratatosk after the squirrel in Norse literature who spreads gossip between  Nidhogg, the serpent at the bottom of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, and the Unnamed Eagle at the top. Therefore I moulded a snake and a squirrel (badly) onto the staff with Green Stuff.

There’s still a lot to do with this model: I need to add more detail to the staff and give him pelts and cloaks and things. I’m also going to add to the hair to make it look a bit more wild.

Still, it’s a start, and it should keep me occupied in the weekends for a bit!

Oh! I should add that I’ve added a blogroll to the blog. There’s only one entry so far, but I’ll add more in time!