Happy New Year: Space Marines and Kill Team

Well, another year done and I have to admit that hobby-wise I didn’t paint anywhere near as many models or play as many games as I’d have liked. I most certainly didn’t post as much as I should have (or wanted to). I don’t really know why, although I know my Space Wolf and Blood Angel plans were scuppered a bit by the unavailability of the new spray paints here in The Netherlands, which kind of put me off painting them a little. Hopefully I will find a good excuse to drag them out again soon. I still have another “Joy of Kitbash” to go after all!

I’m not going to hurry with my Exodites, they are going to be my “showy” army, after all. My next priority for them is to build and paint the rest of my Shining Spears, after which I may paint an HQ choice so that I can consider using them as allies.

marine malevolent test

I built this Marine Malevolent Tactical Marine as a test model for the new(ish) Citadel paints. He no longer looks quite like this as I have applied copious amounts of various Special Effects paints on him. There’ll be a post on the paints (sometime) but I’m still trying to get the hang of them. I’ll probably build a few more of these guys to test them out, partly because they are grim, battered, morally on the darker side of grey (see any of the Salamander books and Bitter Salvage– all by Nick Kyme) and partly because I think that I’d like to build enough Space Marines for a Kill Team. Perhaps I’ll get round to playing a few more games if they are at a lower points level. I’ve skimmed through the rules and when we both have a few hours to spare I guess we’ll have to try it out (though we need to find a hill somewhere if we manage to roll a “5” on the mission chart!).

Anyhow, that’s it for now. Here’s to the new year and much hobbying ahead!