Who am I and why on earth am I blogging when I have more than enough to do these days…


Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read this. This is not a serious blog, I am not a serious player. I am, in fact, a newbie. I was introduced to the world of 40K about a year ago now when I was wondering what my Other Half was chuckling about. It turned out to be a podcast on 40K which he obligingly put on the speakers. Being a curious sort, the Elephant’s Child has nothing on me some days, I wanted to know more, so he decided to conduct an experiment, he decided to see how readable the Horus Heresy books were for somebody with no idea about 40K lore. Very quickly I began to hanker after a Space Marine army. Then I read Prospero Burns. Before I had even finished the book I had decided that I wanted to build a Space Wolves army, they were just so… awesome!

So I bought a pack of Grey Hunters and a codex and began to build and paint things. At the start I was a bit worried that I’d be useless at painting, I’m vaguely practical, but I’m not exactly arty, partly due to my atrocious hand-eye co-ordination. However the first guy came out, well, ok, in fact I was quite proud of him. Looking at him now I know that he needs a bit (lot) of work but I’d got the painting bug.

I’m not a fast painter (it has honestly taken me four weeks to paint a figure and it regularly takes a fortnight) partly because I have to paint in small bursts and partly because if I rush I get wobbly lines and blobs of paint everywhere. However, I’m now up to 500 points (ish) constructed, painted and based and I’ve played three small games and lost three times. This is partly due to my love of painting stuff other than troops (I am a terrible procrastinator) and partly due to my total lack of experience.

This blog is just a way for me to share some of the experiences I have had. I can’t promise that I will update it regularly, I am in the final year of my PhD, and I’m also easily distracted by… ooh… shiny!… so, I’m not going to make any promises about updates, although I will try.

Finally, I guess that I should explain a little bit about who I am. I am, as you may have already guessed, a girl. I’m also, as just mentioned, a PhD student. I’m a physicist and I’m currently based in the Netherlands although I’m originally from the UK. I read… a lot, usually science fiction and a bit of fantasy, but I’m also keen on old detective novels, the occasional Napoleonic War book, pretty much most things except for romance fiction. Beyond 40K, I also enjoy knitting, although I haven’t done much recently. So, if that hasn’t scared you off, welcome once more!


Write to you again soon,