Long Fang Pack: The Curved Fang

Well it’s taken a while but I’ve finally finished these guys. They’re based around an old 1992 Devastator Squad box and they’ve been great fun to paint. I explained how I painted them back here but, having painted one of them, I’m afraid that I forgot about them for a bit. Still, they’re painted now and I guess that I’m quite happy about them. I’ve fielded them in one game (before they were painted) and they worked quite well. The ability to split fire worked well as I was able to use the heavy bolters against infantry while the lascannon and missile launchers could fire against the rhino that was speeding towards them. They all got wiped out once the assault marines arrived though, they are my Long Fangs after all!

Anyway, here’s the pack. I’ve tried to make them all look different despite the metal models themselves being fairly similar. Due to me accidentally melting a couple of the arms while stripping them as acetone free nail polish turned out to be more aggressive than I had hoped, one of the arms and a couple of shoulder pads are a bit rough. I hid the worst of it behind green-stuffed furs though I hope.

I guess that now that these guys are done I should finish off one of my other partially finished units. I’m trying not to start anything new until I have some of the backlog done, but this is me. I can’t guarantee that I won’t get distracted!



Manning the Barricades (or not)

Have you ever started a task, worked on it solidly and then realised that you’ve barely made a dent on it? Well. That’s the situation I’m in with painting the Aegis defence lines for the Imperial Strongpoint. I sprayed all the barricades grey, which was fine and then picked up the nearest piece and started painting. This is the result.

Unfortunately that little barricade took me three evenings and I have another eleven of them, along with twelve of the larger ones still to do. I made a start on painting Tin Bitz on the next barricade in the queue and I’m still at it. It feels like a bit of a thankless task. The barricades are harder to paint than they look, as it’s difficult to paint all the different angles at once so you have to paint at one angle, wait for it to dry, hold the model by the newly painted part and paint the next bit, then wait for that bit to dry…

So, yesterday I caught myself procrastinating. Rather than painting barricades, I built a Long Fang Squad Leader using various bits from the Devastator box, the Space Wolves Pack box and the Iron Hands upgrade kit, oh, and lots of green stuff! The legs are still separate as I don’t think that I’ll be able to get at all the detail otherwise (and all my super glue lids have glued themselves onto the bottles).

I was originally planning on using a fur trimmed pauldron on one arm but, when I went to stick it on, I realised that the fur would be sticking out at a stupid angle. I guess that’s the difficulty with all of these beautifully decorated extras. They do look good, but they really can only go one way, otherwise any dangly bits appear to disobey gravity.

I decided today that as I wasn’t making any progress on the barricades I’d do some more work to reduce the painting backlog. I have one Wolf Guard Terminator that has been sitting glued together undercoated but otherwise unpainted for months now. In my last game (my only game of sixth ed. so far) he was pretty awesome, surviving almost all that was thrown at him (I was tabled) for quite some time, so I felt that it really was time that he got at least a lick of paint thrown at him. I’ve nearly finished the layering part now, so I hope to get him done this week, which will be nice. It would be nice to get him done before my birthday at the end of this month as I got the kit as a birthday present last year!

Apart from that, I’ve been doing a bit of reading. I have been reading First Heretic by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, but although it is a great book I haven’t been able to pick it up to finish it off. I think it’s because I’m tired. It’s a book full of strong feelings and big concepts and I’m spending my work week struggling to deal with a new topic, so I’m mentally very tired, which means that I haven’t got the energy to finish it, particularly as I’m beginning to remember what is about to happen in the story. So, rather than struggle on with it now, I’m taking a break from it until I can really get back to reading it and I’ve been reading Rynn’s World by Steve Parker instead. I like Rynn’s World, which is why the book is beginning to fall to bits. It’s not the best written of the Space Marine Battles series, but it’s fairly decent and stars Pedro Kantor and Pedro Kantor is just, well, awesome. I think I need to do a bit of book shopping again. I have a list of all sorts of books that I want but that I haven’t got round to getting. Perhaps a good book will help get me back into a painting mood. Perhaps next week I can reward myself for getting another one of those flipping barricades finished!


Ratatosk the Rune Priest part 1

Sorry, I’ve been a bit quiet this week. No excuses, I just didn’t do much!

What I did do this weekend is start a Rune Priest conversion. It all started when Commsnake over on The Overlords forum initiated a modelling challenge. I’ve been thinking about a Rune Priest for a while and as my Iron Hands bits have been returned to the shop, I decided that it would be perfect for the challenge.

I’ve used bits from the Space Wolves pack and the Devastators kit (because they’re plainer). I reposed the legs so that he looks a little more dynamic (I hope). I used a power sword arm for the staff. I removed the sword and drilled out the hand so that I could insert a length of pinning rod. The eagle on top of the staff was taken from the banner in the Devastator kit. I’d spent ages trying to make one until my boyfriend pointed out that there should be one in the kit.

The character is called Ratatosk after the squirrel in Norse literature who spreads gossip between  Nidhogg, the serpent at the bottom of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, and the Unnamed Eagle at the top. Therefore I moulded a snake and a squirrel (badly) onto the staff with Green Stuff.

There’s still a lot to do with this model: I need to add more detail to the staff and give him pelts and cloaks and things. I’m also going to add to the hair to make it look a bit more wild.

Still, it’s a start, and it should keep me occupied in the weekends for a bit!

Oh! I should add that I’ve added a blogroll to the blog. There’s only one entry so far, but I’ll add more in time!


The first of my old fashioned Long Fangs

So, I’ve was quite productive last weekend (hobby-wise at least) and got one of my 1992 vintage devastators/ Long Fangs painted.

He was quite interesting to paint. The old model is far less detailed than the more modern figures that I’ve been painting up to now, but although the extra detail can look spectacular, the lack of fuss on this model is very refreshing and it allowed me to a) paint him quickly and b) add a little free-hand to the heavy bolter.

I find that I actually prefer the back of the old fashioned backpacks to the more modern variants that come with my Wolves, although the nozzles aren’t quite so good. The metal plates and the exposed piping add some character to the figure and I like the overall effect.

You may notice some difference in the basing of these guys. I decided to go for a more snowy look and try out some of the Citadel Mourn Mountain Snow texture paint that I bought on a whim a while back. I put some footprints in the snow using green stuff a while back. I painted the base with Ceramite White, washed it with Devlan Mud, before adding the snow. I wasn’t too happy with it, so I added some of the old snow too.

New Project

So I finally picked up the third and final component of my second Long Fangs pack project…

I’m going to use the Iron Hands Tactical Squad upgrade pack for bionics for my Long Fangs which will be based round the Devastator kit and bits from the Space Wolves Pack box.

I’m not sure what to make of the Iron Hands kit. I’ve never used Finecast before and so far I’m not impressed. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been painting metal and plastic all week but the texture feels rather strange. The sprues themselves look like the shoulder pad that I accidentally dipped in acetone- they’re very rough and look a bit warped. There’s lots of extra sprue and a thin layer of resin joining a third of one sprue together. There are also a lot of bubbles in the sprues. They’re particularly visible on the shoulder pads but they are present elsewhere too. The whole thing looks very rough.

On the other hand the kit does contain two sets of bionic legs, two sets of bionic arms with bolters, a bionic arm holding a thunder hammer, two (badly cast) chest pieces, four helmets and ten Iron Hands shoulder pads.

I think that next time I will just get the Forgeworld Space Marine Character Conversion kit, as although you get less for more money, at least it’ll be all usable without the hours of filling and sanding that the Finecast kit looks like it’s going to need.

I’m going to put the sprues away for a bit though, at least until I make a bit more headway with the painting queue!


Old Fashioned Long Fangs: Part 1

So I have quite a bit to talk about today (nothing new there I guess) because I’ve actually been busy. I’ve been working on a Land Speeder (which I’ll post about when I finish it) and I’ve stripped and assembled the metal Devastator squad which I’ll be turning into Long Fangs. I’m just going to talk about the Long Fangs today though as I’ve had to do a lot with them.

First of all I had to strip the figures. They had been coated in a white undercoat but it was a bit scruffy and the previous owner (my boyfriend isn’t sure if he bought these guys new or not) hadn’t removed any mould lines, so the undercoat had to go.

I started by stripping the metal parts of the figures with nail varnish remover. This stuff contains acetone, so it’s not a good idea to let it near any plastic. The best case scenario is that you’ll have an unsightly mark on the plastic, the worst case scenario is that you’ll end up with a half dissolved model. I spilled a bottle of acetone on a ruler once which now has a nice set of my fingerprints pressed into it from where I grabbed it out of the way before it dissolved. I left the figures in the nail polish remover for about a minute before scrubbing off the paint with an old toothbrush.

For the plastic parts I started off using acetone free nail varnish remover. Bad mistake! The bits I cleaned that way have definitely lost some definition. After that I moved onto Revell’s Aqua Color Cleaner which stripped paint from the figures just as fast as nail varnish remover without damaging them or giving me a headache from the fumes. It is a bit expensive, but you can clean your brushes at the same time!

After stripping and cleaning them, I then had to glue the models together. I’m not used to metal models and super glue and it took longer than I thought. The models then looked like this.

The next job was to make them look more like Long Fangs, which as someone has not so carefully removed the combat knives that these guys came with, requires quite some cosmetic surgery.

So far I’ve added the squad leader’s banner (which I’m carefully trying not to touch) and some patches of fur. I’ve also adapted a knife and a power sword from the Space Wolves pack box to replace the missing blades on two of the models. The others should be ok as they are.

That’s how they look right now. The next job is to undercoat them black before they join the painting queue. I will add a part two to this when they are done which may take a while. Once these guys are done I am planning to build a second pack using modern Devastators and bionics from the new Iron Hands kit. First I will have to wait until the Iron Hands kit is released and then I need to catch up on the painting backlog. It’s a four day weekend so I have plenty of time in which to make a start on the latter!

A quick planning update

I’m rather tired this evening, but I felt that the last post was rather too short so I thought I’d put up a progress report for my Space Wolves. I’ve got rather a lot going on at once at the moment, so this list is as much for my benefit than the blog’s!

First off I have undercoated my scouts, at least partly so. I don’t have a garden so spraying gets difficult. I managed two coats yesterday and I’m going to touch it up with the new Imperial Primer, which may be interesting. Hopefully I will finish priming them this weekend, although part of my reason for getting the spray cans out was to stop me adding more to them.

Painting-wise this weekend I want to finish my last three (for now) Fenrisian wolves. I’m hoping to talk about them in detail another day, but I need to finish them first. I also need to finish highlighting my Blood Claws. I still have six to go and because they’re almost done I tend to forget that they’re there.

The other thing that I plan to do this weekend is strip the old undercoat off the old school metal Devastators that I acquired from my boyfriend during our last trip to the UK. I don’t know why he never used them for his Blood Angels, but they look kind of fun, especially with the shoulder mounted weaponry. I might not paint them in the style shown on the box though!

© Games Workshop 1992 (yep, they're that old!)

© Games Workshop 1992 (yep, they’re that old!)

Beyond that I have two other primed models to consider- a Wolf Guard Terminator and a Land Speeder and there’s also a Land Raider that I need to think about. I guess that I might wolfify it with greenstuff and wolf skulls, but it requires some planning.

What I am not going to do is buy more models, at least not until I have made some inroads into the pile. With all the talk of Chaos Legions on the internet I have been looking at various models and I’m very tempted to start a painting project involving Chaos Marines, especially as I am partway through re-reading the Horus Heresy books and all the old legions are fresh in my mind. However I have too much to do and too much of a pile on my painting tray as there is. I also need more guys for my Space Wolves as even I know that my army needs some tweaking! Chaos Marines will just have to wait.