On the second day of Christmas the hobby meant to me…

…Two different opinions

So, yesterday was Christmas and like many families in the UK, mine sat down after lunch and opened presents. There were no models for me this year.  However, I got a copy of Munchkin from my boyfriend which was a very nice surprise. He’d seen it in a shop in the city where we live and commented on it and I’d asked what it was and expressed an interest in playing it one day. I was not expecting to get a set for Christmas though. Of course, being me, the first thing I did was remove the cellophane and read the rules and then the text on the cards. Cue comments from my family.

My family are so-so on my various obsessions, sometimes they are fine with them, sometimes, and both gaming and Doctor Who fit into this category, they don’t and consider it fair game to tease me or get grumpy about it. Last night was a bit of a bumper one as I had Munchkin and Doctor Who, which had an anachronism (Teddy Bears in Victorian England) and a gorgeous reference for fans of the classic series at the end (which I won’t reveal).

However, this blog really is about gaming and hobbying so I should stick to Munchkin. I was hoping I could persuade my Mum to play when my boyfriend visits (you need at least three players) but, whereas Scrabble or Monopoly are perfectly fine, a gamers game is apparently not. I’m not an experienced gamer, as you probably know if you follow this blog at all, I’ve only got into these things properly fairly recently, although I am currently regretting not getting into role playing games at uni when I had the chance. However I’m wondering why there is this enormous gulf between non-gamers and gamers when it comes down to deciding what is or is not a gamers game. Admittedly Munchkin is full of gamer-specific references, but at its core is the same sort of back-stabbing fun and games seen in everything from Othello to Scrabble to Poker. Perhaps I’ve always been a gamer at heart, perhaps that’s why I find the idea of all these games that I really ought to get round to playing, so interesting. Perhaps there’s an invisible dividing line between those that do and those that don’t. I guess that I’ll still have to wait a few weeks to play Munchkin though, until I’m back home and have a large enough pool of people to play with!


…And a gift under the Christmas Tree