Well things didn’t exactly go as planned. I was hoping to get blogging seriously again months back and then well, life didn’t happen. However, things are picking up now and I have a plan. The first part of the plan is to get ahead and have a post or two ready and waiting (working on that now), the second part of that is to have a hobby goal.

I’m hitting 30 this year and as neither myself or my boyfriend have actually been to Warhammer World I’ve decided that I’d like to go there for a day around my birthday and if possible play a game or two. Now, I have plenty of Space Wolves and while a few are showing their relative age (I now know what mould lines are for a start and remove them rather than highlight them in gold paint) I could quite happily take them but what I’d really like to do is take my Exodite Eldar. I’ve made some progress there (and there will be a few posts showing some of them off) but not as much as there should have probably been. Therefore by the start of October I want to have 1000 points of Exodites fully painted (which also means highlighting a couple of models I got bored with) and based (grass, plant life, slime, the lot) and preferably with names and background memorised. I’ve made some start on naming my characters but there will be more and I need to add names to bases. What I really need to do is work out how much I’ve already got done and how much I need to do.

1000 points might not seem much and I could easily paint more (she says) in the time, particularly if I were to build more Crimson Hunters (more of that in a later post) or look at the planned Wraith side of my army (and even more of that in another post) but The Red Squig needs to have his Orks painted too and 1000 points of Orks is rather more than 1000 points of Eldar and they take just as long to paint each model (more or less).

So that’s my current challenge. It might not seem much but I start a new job soon and though it’s got definite hours (which is a change) I can pretty much guarantee that the change in pace will either exhaust me or send me into an energy fuelled painting frenzy. The latter might be nice but given my wonky eyesight the former seems more likely, so I need to be most of the way there sooner rather than later.

As for the posting. I’m going to try and start with 1 post a week, building up to two or three as I get into the swing of things. I will try not to get tempted into posting random stuff as it drifts into my head but there may be one or two asides. There may even be a little Age of Sigmar and once I get past my 1000 points I might actually build some more Space Wolves as they are still very much my preferred play style army (e.g. I love them and I actually know most of their rules- like who has grenades), but until next time…


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