New Year New Resolutions

I’ve been a bit lazy about my hobbying and blogging recently (as evidenced by the fact that I meant to write this a week ago). For the new year I want to get back in the swing of things. I don’t know why I’ve been struggling recently but I suspect it’s largely due to having less structure to my life. I’m one of those people who is most efficient when they have a lot to do and a strict deadline to do it in, the uncertainty of the past year has messed me around a bit and I’ve lost my old routine. Therefore I have three resolutions:

1) Sort out my painting and modelling

I have a lot of half painted models and half-started projects. My resolution for the year is to break down this pile a little. My first challenge is to build and paint usable combined arms detachments for my Exodites and Inquisition. The first should be easily achieved- I technically have two models to go, but I want to add my Shining Spears to that basic detachment and also paint some metal Rangers that I bought in the summer. My Inquisitorial squad is more tricky, I need to build more henchmen as well as paint up those that I already have. I want to have the models I have already started finished by the end of this month before I move on to anything else.

I also want to expand my Wolves, first by finishing highlighting the models I took to Haven and then by building up my forces, including four more Blood Claws (to bring my squad to the maximum 14) and three more Grey Hunters (to bring a part squad to 10).

I moved house in November and most of my stuff is still packed. Once I’ve sorted out the spare room I’m going to go through my models and line up all my abandoned projects in order to work out what else to work on. I also got given a WFB High Elf dragon for Christmas from my boyfriend. I’m currently being good and not converting it straight away but it’s waiting…

2) Play more

I say this fairly frequently but I really do want to get more games in, not just 40K but also the board and card games I’ve got (I also got D&D Attack Wing from my boyfriend- there was a dragony theme to his gifts this year). Once a month would be a start. I’d also like to make it to at least one event or tournament. I enjoy playing and it’s really just lack of organisation that means that I don’t get enough of it. Practice might also mean that a 1K game doesn’t take three or four hours…

3) Blog more

It’s laziness. I have things to say, I just don’t get the words down. I want to get back into posting regularly. This year I planto post at least once a week, preferably getting back to a two or three times weekly schedule. I don’t want to get back in the habit of putting things off.

So, that’s three resolutions that I hope will help me get back into a routine. I wish you luck in any challenges that you pose yourself and a happy and game-filled new year!