Rocking all over the board!

In our recent Kill Team game we realised that scenery was fairly important and that we needed more scenery, in particular more line of sight blocking and area terrain. Now you can buy some very good scenery but I wanted to build at least some of my own. These cork mat based rocks are cheap and very, very quick and easy to make.

You need:
Cork drink coasters: These are 0.99 for six from Xenos in The Netherlands. The four rocks shown took about 1 ½ packs (9 coasters).
Thick superglue (I used Bison Kit supersterk contactlijm but you could use any thick superglue)
A pair of scissors
Army Painter Uniform Grey spray Paint
Citadel Nuln Oil Shade paint
Citadel Longbeard Grey drybrush paint

Cork mats are soft and easy to cut and tear. To build your rocks cut out a base shape for your rock- a blob or a splat shape.

Cut out the next layer. It should be slightly smaller than the base layer. Don’t worry about measuring your rock though, just do it by eye. Rocks are natural structures, you don’t need to be neat or accurate. Spread glue on it and place it on top of the base layer. You may have to weigh the first few layers down while they dry to stop them curling up.

Keep building up layers of cork until you have a “rock” of the right height. You can play around with stacks or multiple peaks.

cork rocks

Leave your rocks to dry before spraying them grey. I used Army Painter Uniform Grey spray paint but if you want you can undercoat and paint the rocks by hand (I’m going for speedy here).

Apply a heavy wash of Nuln Oil and leave to dry before drybrushing with Longbeard Grey and that’s it- rocks! You can jazz them up a little with clumps of grass or splashes of lichen but I’ve left these ones mostly plain for now.

painted rocks

Turns out that we need even more scenery (of course) but these are a start.


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