Kill Team: Space Wolves vs Orks

So, I played a game of Kill Team with my Space Wolves against my boyfriend’s Orks last weekend. I’d like to say that it was a game of keen strategy and great bravery, but my leader hid in a forest and I was tabled on Turn 5. My dice weren’t great but my list was rather rubbish. It wasn’t so much that the units themselves were bad but the cost of the models meant that losing one Wolf Guard biker to a lucky shot from a DeffKopta in turn one was a complete disaster. I’m going to have to rethink this a bit, I’m not sure that a small elite army is going to work in Kill Team unless I’m facing a small elite army.

The game was good fun though and very fast, although in future I think we’ll be working out our specialists when we build our lists, not while setting up. Splitting up the codex units into units of one was fun, although it strongly affects going into assault as, when you shoot at a model and kill it, you then have nothing to assault, which when you’re within six inches of rather a lot of Orks, is a bit irritating. Again it’s something tactical that I’ll need to deal with.

Over all, I enjoyed the game and think that we’ll get quite a lot of use out of the Kill Team rules. They look like they might be a good for expansion too. Because Kill Team is at such a small scale, heavy scenery becomes more practical, so we could play games set in a jungle or a city, or build multiple levels. I’m also tempted to see if Kill Team could be blended with Codex: Inquisition. I can see the potential for fluffy Inquisitorial warband (minus Inquisitor I guess) versus the galaxy type games.

Just to round out my post I guess that I should present the list. I would not recommend taking my Space Wolves list though (I’m abandoning it).

Space Wolves
Elites: 3x Wolf Guard, 2x bike (70 points for the two bikes (minus riders) is too expensive for Kill Team)
Troops: 5x Grey Hunters, flamer

Elites: 6 Lootas
Fast Attack: DeffKopta, twin-linked Rocket Launcher
Troops: 10 Ork Boyz, big shoota

Until next time!



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