The Booby Prize

For 40K Global’s 100th episode I donated and painted a *ahem* booby prize for the guys to give out. The kit used was Games Workshop’s “Dark Eldar Prisoners” set and I sculpted the vox unit myself (as you can probably guess by the wonkiness!).

booby prize front

I’m afraid I had to file down the nipples on one model (and yeah it’s a weird phrase to type) before I could paint her in order to avoid either more mental scarring or dangerous bouts of giggling at the sheer size of them. However in general the models in real life are slightly less terrifying than they look on the GW webpage.

booby prize left

I’m not going to talk too much about the models here as this post is just about sticking the pictures up. I will say that they were surprisingly fun to paint and I liked that at least one of the girls is obviously not just sticking around waiting to be rescued!

booby prize right

booby prize top

Anyway, here it is, one booby prize. If you haven’t listened to 40K Global’s episode 100, you should, and congratulations to the guys on getting this far!


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