Space Marines are coming (part 1)

Yeah, I already know that they’ve been outed as coming this month for ages but I can still be a wee bit overexcited can’t I? I’ll write a bit more when I can a) see the White Dwarf and b) get on the Games Workshop website (we seem to have broken it guys!).

Fortunately the Black Library site is still up and it already has the e-book codex up to preorder complete with pictures (and price). I’m not going to argue about the price right now, but I thought that I might share the link as they seem to have plenty of (very, very pretty) pictures up and even some rules. Drop pods don’t seem to have changed but Rhinos have a cryptic line which may or may not mean that their extras have changed.

There are a lot of Ultramarine pictures but there are Raven Guard, Iron Hand and Imperial Fists up there too.

So, if you want to take a peek you can look here:

and I’ll be back later once I can get hold of a White Dwarf!



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