40K Global

So, there is a slim chance that you’re reading this post having wandered over from 40K Global, otherwise you may be wondering what 40K Global is.

40K Global is a 40K podcast, it’s well… it’s 40K Global. It’s a fairly laid back kind of thing by a bunch of fairly serious (regarding playing, most definitely not personality) tournament players and somehow I volunteered… A few months back they put a shout out for a female host and as I listen to the show and I at least qualify on the female front I thought that I’d answer the call.

So, if you’re here having heard me try to interview people, welcome! If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, go check out the podcast!

There’ll be a more regular blog post in a day or two, I’ve been painting Space Wolves for once, so there might even be a post about them in the next week.



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