Space Marines are coming (part 1)

Yeah, I already know that they’ve been outed as coming this month for ages but I can still be a wee bit overexcited can’t I? I’ll write a bit more when I can a) see the White Dwarf and b) get on the Games Workshop website (we seem to have broken it guys!).

Fortunately the Black Library site is still up and it already has the e-book codex up to preorder complete with pictures (and price). I’m not going to argue about the price right now, but I thought that I might share the link as they seem to have plenty of (very, very pretty) pictures up and even some rules. Drop pods don’t seem to have changed but Rhinos have a cryptic line which may or may not mean that their extras have changed.

There are a lot of Ultramarine pictures but there are Raven Guard, Iron Hand and Imperial Fists up there too.

So, if you want to take a peek you can look here:

and I’ll be back later once I can get hold of a White Dwarf!


40K Global

So, there is a slim chance that you’re reading this post having wandered over from 40K Global, otherwise you may be wondering what 40K Global is.

40K Global is a 40K podcast, it’s well… it’s 40K Global. It’s a fairly laid back kind of thing by a bunch of fairly serious (regarding playing, most definitely not personality) tournament players and somehow I volunteered… A few months back they put a shout out for a female host and as I listen to the show and I at least qualify on the female front I thought that I’d answer the call.

So, if you’re here having heard me try to interview people, welcome! If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, go check out the podcast!

There’ll be a more regular blog post in a day or two, I’ve been painting Space Wolves for once, so there might even be a post about them in the next week.


Exodite Shining Spear

I took a decisive step forward with my Eldar Exodites and built and painted my first Shining Spear. I love the cover of Promethean Sun and the dinosaur riding Eldar on the front and so I’ve used that idea for my Shining Spears.

shining spear 1 front

I used the Dark Elf Cold Ones Knights kit for the mount and the head. The rest of the model was from the Shining Spear upgrade kit.

I removed the head from the Shining Spear model and the controls from the left hand. I have to admit that I was glad that the model was Finecast (shocking I know!). The soft resin is much easier to cut than plastic or metal and I could adjust how the rider sat on the dinosaur with judicious blasts of the hairdryer! I can cope with bubbles and flash if I can save several days of work elsewhere!

shining spear 1 left

I used green stuff to bring the neck and torso together and for the scrap of hide on the left shoulder.

For the base I used some scraps of cinnamon sticks from and old packet in my kitchen for the logs and some bits of a fake plant for the leaves. Once I had painted the model I used Water Effects mixed with either Devlan Mud, Guilliman Blue + Waywatcher Green or Waywatcher Green for the more liquid parts of the base and some Middenland Tufts for the clumps of grass.

shining spear 1 back

I’m using autumn colours on this army so, having painted the dinosaur green, I used reds and oranges on the model. I wanted to make the Shining Spears a bit different from the Rangers, so I used the orange to break up the red.

shining spear 1 right

I need to build the rest of these guys now and finish the Rangers. While the Shining Spear was great fun to paint (even if the scales were a bit wearing after a while) he took more than a day to build so I guess that it will take me some time to do the other three. Still, this project isn’t so much about speed but about building and converting an army that is a bit different and which allows me to be a little bit creative.


Vulkan Lives by Nick Kyme: A review

I haven’t done many reviews recently but I felt that Vulkan Lives, the newest of the Horus Heresy novels, deserved one as I really enjoyed reading it. It won’t be a long review, it’s not a book that leads to easy reviewing (at least for me) as I have to be extra careful not to give away any spoilers as it’s a book where everything means something and so much is going on!

For all that’s going on, it’s all very clear, or at least as clear as the author wants it to be (and there’s a reason for that). There are at least four different plots from four different perspectives but Nick Kyme manages to keep everything clear and distinct. The separation of the two main plots into first and third person helps a lot here. What’s interesting is that the first person sections are from Vulkan’s perspective. He is the most human of the Primarchs and the book explores just what this means.

Of course, your average Necron looks human compared to Konrad Curze and in this book we see just how broken Curze is. You really can’t help but feel sorry for him, he’s so lost.

I like the Salamanders trilogy and I really enjoyed Promethean Sun but Kyme has really upped his game for Vulkan Lives, all the intertwining plots and strong characterisation used in the Salamanders trilogy has been pulled together in a dark and intriguing tale that asks more questions than it answers and still manages to move the Heresy along. I’m really interested to see where the story goes next and I’m wishing that I’d ordered Scorched Earth. Oh well, I’m sure that there will be plenty of Horus Heresy to fill my time until it’s finally released for those of us who forgot to order it but it’s a pity that it was up to order last week rather than this, as I doubt that I’d have dithered for a moment over ordering it if I’d have known just how good Kyme’s Salamanders were going to get!

Anyway, enough about books that I can’t read. I suppose that I should summarise this post by saying that Vulkan Lives is as epic as its cover and really, really worth a read.