500 points Space Wolves versus Orks

I managed to get a game in against my boyfriend the other weekend. We don’t get much time for games, so even a little 500 points game is a refreshing change and, equally unusually, I actually won. This isn’t a proper battle report, I didn’t write everything down, more an exploration of my list and my core units, most of which were in action.

I bought a 500 point Space Wolf list against his Ork Boyz. My list was:

HQ: Wolf Priest on bike
Troops: 5x Grey Hunters, Melta gun
Troops: 5x Grey Hunters, Melta gun
Fast Attack: 4x Swiftclaws
Heavy Support: 5x Long Fangs: 2x Heavy Bolters, 2x Missile launchers
=500 points

While he brought:

HQ: Warboss, Power Klaw, ‘Eavy armour, twin-linked shoota
Troops: 20x Ork Boyz, 2x Big Shoota
Troops: 20x Ork Boyz, 2x Big Shoota
Fast Attack: 3x Deffkoptas, twin linked rokkit launchers
=495 points

We played Purge the Alien with Hammer and Anvil deployment on a 4×4 board. Actually, we rolled Vanguard Strike yet again but I know from experience that it doesn’t work so well on a 4×4 as the deployment zone is too small.

I won the roll off and decided to go first. I decided to play aggressively with my Swiftclaws and drove them towards the Boyz squad with the Warboss while the Grey Hunters shuffled forward six inches. I really wanted to get the Deffkoptas off the board, so I set my Long Fangs on them while the other squads shot at the Boyz.

I’m not particularly tactical, I usually forget something important or place a unit in a daft place. For once I lucked out with the placement though. Playing on a 4×4 meant that my Long Fangs could hit everything and my Grey Hunters could hit something every turn. I was also fairly lucky, or rather my boyfriend was very unlucky, as I was able to kill his Warboss in a challenge before he could hit back. If he’d had better luck with his saving throws, I’d have been in a lot of trouble!

The mixture of missile launchers and heavy bolters worked fairly well for my Long Fangs against an infantry based army mostly due to the rate of fire. I guess that Long Fangs are probably a little bit too powerful for 500 points, as they are fairly cheap for the amount of damage that they can do, however I don’t think that they were crucial this game.

Oddly enough, although Swiftclaws are not the best value for their points cost for Space Wolves, I like them as they do provide a way of getting an assaulty unit across the board very fast and the extra point of toughness comes in very handy. Of course, as Blood Claws, they are only WS and BS 3, but they get an extra attack on the charge and with the very killy Wolf Priest attached to the unit to nullify the Headstrong rule, they are fairly reliable. I need to build and paint another one or two models for larger games, but at 500 points, four bikes are fine. I don’t expect them to last the game, just cause as much chaos as possible before they get killed. They were definitely worth their points this game as they killed a 130 point unit of Ork Boyz and one Swift Claw survived long enough to join the Wolf Priest in an assault on the other Ork Boyz squad along with one of my Grey Hunter squads. The Wolf Priest survived this game and I guess he caused the final blow to the Orks as the last unit fell to his sweeping advance in turn three.

I lost one pack of Grey Hunters in addition to the Swift Claws. However, they played their part, lasting a turn and a bit in close combat with the second squad of Ork Boyz. I think that if I were to tweak this list a little, I might swap out a Melta for a Flamer in future. The Melta guns did practically nothing all game, and if anything, I was penalised by being out of range with them for most of the game. A flamer is still only short range, but it’s a template weapon (meaning that if I’m lucky I can take out more than one guy with one shot) and might be a bit of fun.

It’s a pity that the game only lasted three turns, my boyfriend had some atrocious luck at times, but I think that I’m happy with this list as the core of my army. I didn’t use the Rune Priest as I thought that the Long Fangs would be more useful. In a larger game I’d add in the Rune Priest as a matter of course.

Hopefully I can get a few more 500 points games in and try and see if practice speeds up my playing. A 500 point session is never going to be the most epic of 40K games, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be great fun and it has the advantage of being small and fast, meaning that in my hectic household, there’s a chance of getting a game in! Hopefully I can get another one in soon as my boyfriend needs his revenge and there are a couple of tweaks that we both want to try.


Blood Angels: Painting Mephiston Lord of Death

I mentioned recently that I had a box of Blood Angels to strip and repaint for my boyfriend. There’s a nice mixture of troops and HQs and a few other odds and ends. Any sensible hobbyist would start by painting a squad or two of Tactical Marines. Not me! I dived into the box and grabbed Mephiston. I then spent the last few weeks pottering about, painting a bit of cloak here or a few skulls there. However, he’s all finished now, bar his base, which I’ll paint up as soon as I’ve a few more guys ready, so I thought I’d post him here.

Mephiston front

He’s an old metal model (circa 1995) and the paint does tend to chip in places, so I’ll have to varnish him some time. For the body I used Wazdakka Red over a Mechrite Red undercoat. After washing it first with Baal Red (Carroburg Crimson) and then with Nuln oil, I highlighted it using: 1) 1:1 Wazdakka Red to Blood Red (Evil Sunz Scarlet), 2) Blood Red, 3) 1:1 Blood Red to Troll Slayer Orange, 4) Trollslayer Orange.

Mephiston back

For the coat I started with Abaddon Black followed by highlighting using: 1) a 1:1 mix of Abaddon Black to Xereus Purple, 2) Xereus Purple and 3) Emperor’s Children, before adding the freehand work. I then washed it with Nuln oil before touching up the highlights and freehand. The bone and feathery areas were painted as usual with Bleached Bone (Ushbati Bone), a wash of Gryphonne Sepia (Seraphim Sepia) before being highlighted with more Bleached Bone and a touch of White Scar.

Mephiston left

I went with blue as a spot colour as I felt that it looked better than green for the sword and plasma pistol. I started with Kantor Blue and then highlighted using: 1) Macragge Blue, 2) Altioc blue, 3) Lothern Blue, 4) Fenrisian Grey and 5) White Scar. For the sword blade I started with a layer of Boltgun metal (Leadbelcher) before washing with Nuln Oil and highlighting with 1) Boltgun metal, 2) Chainmail (Ironbreaker) and 3) Mithril Silver (Runefang Steel). I then applied a Guilliman Blue Glaze. For the lightning bolts I used Ice Blue (Lothern Blue), Space Wolves Grey (Fenrisian Grey) and Skull White (White Scar). For the muzzle of the plasma pistol I first painted, washed and highlighted it in the same way as I did the sword, but then I applied a Lamenters Yellow Glaze and a coat of Gryphonne Sepia (Seraphim Sepia) to try to make it look as if the metal had got pretty hot.

Mephiston right

So, there you go. I’m back onto painting Space Wolves now (or will be when I get over my latest cold).