Duel Time

So this is the reason I’ve been a little bit quiet recently. I entered The Fang painting competition, which is the Games Workshop painting competition for Northern Europe (they’ve killed the link to it unfortunately). I built a duel and, due to there only being two entries in that category in my local store (Den Haag), I got through to the final which was in Amsterdam. So I dragged my boyfriend to Amsterdam yesterday for the finals. My duel didn’t get anything, which I was pretty much what I had expected, as I’m a fairly novice painter still (it’s been less than two years since I first picked up a paintbrush and started hobbying) and there were some really awesome models in the category (I think the other duel from my local store got a prize). Still, it’s experience and the scene was pretty good fun to make.

So, here it is. I wanted to give it a bit of a narrative, a reason for the duel. It’s supposed to be the end of the chase and the only way out for either side is the death of the other.

duel 1

duel 2

duel 3

duel 4

duel 5

duel 3

The Night Lord is the Aspiring Champion model. I removed the knife and reposed the arm, before building the severed head using a head from the Space Wolf pack box. I shaved the hair off with a scalpel and removed the bottom, before adding the flaps of skin and the exposed bit of bone and the replacement hair using green stuff. I added the tentacles and the scraps of cloth and parchment using green stuff, partly to hid the fact that the shoulder pad turned out to be not poseable.

Night Lord front


For his opponent I used a Tactical Marine with Death Company running legs with the Blood Angels insignia removed. For his dead buddy I used Tac Marine bits and biker arms. I built the bottom of the spike first round a pinning rod. I pinned the model in place and then built the top of the spike and the ripped armour using green stuff and I also used green stuff for the stump. The blood is mostly just Blood Red and Red Gore (Evil Sunz Scarlet and Wazdakka Red) with a spot of Trollslayer orange and a lot of Bloodletter Glaze. I then used a little more of the glaze mixed with water effects to make it look more liquid.

duel 6

duel 7

I built the base round cardboard tubes and plasticard. I used Milliput rather than green stuff as the latter is not really suitable for building at this scale. The elasticity of green stuff, which is what makes it great for fine details really works against it here as it’s harder to get flat, smooth surfaces in-situ. The base itself is a large oval base from Games Workshop and I used Middenland Tufts for the grass. I used water effects for the water (surprisingly).

duel 8

I hope that you enjoy this model as much as I enjoyed building it! If you get the chance to see pictures of the winning entries in The Fang competition, please do, as there were some absolutely amazing models there (and I’m still green with envy at some of the great paint jobs).



3 responses to “Duel Time

  1. I really like this. The story it tells I think is quite well done, there are just a few points I would like to point out.

    – The Chaos Marine
    He has a running pose but it just doesn’t look quite right. Where is he running from? There is little room for a run up with the Ultramarine being so close. I would have suggested a pose where he is preparing himself to take the charge.

    It might have been cool to see him in a different colour. The whole piece is very dark. Lots of deep blue and grey colours make the piece seem very dark and a little dull. The who characters don’t stand out that much from the terrain in start contrast. It might have been cool to see him painted as a Word Bearer, due to the history between the two chapters for a little bit of story/character.

    Those points aside, I really like it. I think you have done a great job. The conversions work well, especially the impaled and decapitated marine. Really nice work there. The painting is good, nice strong highlights in the right place to make the plates stand out.

    Overall I think you have a great diorama, something to be proud of.

    • Hi, thanks very much.

      The CSM was hampered a bit by the model, which is almost totally unposeable! It comes with the torso and legs already attached. I’d have preferred to build the guy up from troop bits, as I did with the Ultramarine, but I don’t own any CSM kits and I would have had to buy several in order to get the bits that I wanted. I was aiming to have him, having just beheaded the other guy and knocked him off the rocks, lunging forward ready to attack/ wave the decapitated head at the other Ultramarine. Probably it didn’t come out quite right.

      As far as the colour is concerned I wanted to do this scene with a lot of blue and white. My initial inspiration was a hideous piece of tourist tat fake Delftware that I saw in the window of a souvenir shop (1 ft tall kissing couple). I wondered if it would be possible to give it a 40K twist. I wasn’t able to get much more white on there. It really stood out as being a bit dull when it was in the case during the competition (it was about then when I decided that, yeah, there was no way that I was going to win anything).

      Thanks again for all the feedback


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