Space Wolves Grey Hunter Standard Bearer

I finished this guy a few weeks back (and entered him in a store competition in which he didn’t do too well) but I never got round to posting him up here.

standard bearer face

He’s a kit bash using parts from the Space Wolves Pack and the Space Wolves upgrade frame, with the horn from the Space Wolves Terminator kit (which was a bit of a nightmare to drill out and file). The standard itself was bashed together using a thunder hammer from the Space Wolves Pack and the pole from the upgrade frame and I used green stuff for the banner itself. The banner didn’t sit as planned, I’d wanted it to be a bit more dynamic, but gravity won out.

standard bearer unpainted

With a piece of freehand as large as the banner I plan (almost) everything in advance. I drew a large scale version of the banner in order to plan everything out.

standard bearer banner design

I then mentally broke everything into layers. I started by painting on the red for the background of the banner, starting with a Mechrite Red (Mephiston Red) base and a Red Gore (Wazdakka Red) layer, using highlights (blends of Red Gore and Blood Red (Evil Sunz Scarlet)) and glazes (Bloodletter) to build up the colour. Next I added the large shapes- the claw marks and the paw print itself.

standard bearer banner basics

I then added the smaller details colour by colour, starting with the wolf in the centre. I then decided that the banner needed something else and so I added the runes and the gold detailing round the claw marks. After washing I then highlighted everything, building up from Red Gore, through Blood Red to Troll Slayer Orange. I was careful to highlight the design, especially the runes, as well as the edges and the background “cloth”.

standard bearer banner

standard bearer back

Anyway, here he is. I hope to finish building and painting the rest of his pack soon (I’ve already posted up three of them unpainted) and use them in a game as I desperately need more troops in my army.



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