O Sister, where art thou?

I am, frankly, a little bit worried. My boyfriend’s copy of Death from the Skies turned up this weekend (well last week, but I needed to go and pick it up). I flicked through it on the way home, noticed that Space Wolves have flyer ace rules despite not having a flyer and returned to having a migraine (note: never travel for 35 minutes by tram with a headache and no painkillers). That’s probably why I didn’t notice that all of the 40K codices are covered in the book bar three: Tyranids, Daemons and Sisters of Battle, until my boyfriend pointed it out. It makes sense that Daemons and Tyranids are missing, they use flying monstrous creatures rather than mechanical flyers, but, Sisters?

It does seem that Sisters of Battle are quietly being forgotten. They have no plastic or even finecast models, their codex is nigh on impossible to find unless you have the two White Dwarfs which contains the rather pathetic little pile of paper that was the 5th ed. Sisters of Battle codex. They were missing from the November White Dwarf 40K poster and now they are missing from this. I’m beginning to wonder if the problem isn’t self perpetuating, the codex is unavailable, the models are expensive and only available (new) directly through Games Workshop, so potential new players are put off, which means that there doesn’t seem to be a market, which means that there’s no impetus to make new codices and models…

Sisters of Battle are an incredibly thematic army and the only majority female army in the game. I mean, they’re a bunch of no-nonsense, power-armoured, fanatical warriors who just happen to be female. Hey, they’re probably the closest that we’re going to get to feminist icons in the 41st Millennium! There is so much potential in Sisters of Battle, they could be a really awesome thematic army in the game, it’s what makes it so sad that they seem to have been marginalised.


6 responses to “O Sister, where art thou?

  1. Sisters may not have a flyer in Death from the Skies, but they can use the Arvus Lighter and Avenger Strike Fighter in Imperial Armour: Aeronautica. Games Workshop may not be supporting them so much, but Forge World are trying!

    (Also: Space Wolves ace pilot in a Wolf Storm Eagle could be fun!)

    • They can use the Arvus and Avenger, cool!
      I’m sometimes tempted by the Storm Eagle but I don’t need one… yet!
      The thing that I’m worried about is not that they currently don’t have a GW flyer, but that SoB are the only army missing from Death from the Skies (that doesn’t have flying monstrous creatures instead). I don’t know if it was deliberate or an oversight but I thought that it was kind of sad/worrying.

  2. I’m quite a keen Sister’s player, but it does feel that they are going the way of the Squats 😦 I’d love a new codex and models, but just don’t see it happening at the moment. Not being able to even see any of the models in the stores isn’t a good sign for this sort of length of time 😦

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