List building, Painting and Waiting for Orders

I don’t seem to have much luck with ordering products that are in stock from the Games Workshop website and my bad luck struck again when I ordered Death from the Skies for my boyfriend on Saturday. I was very surprised and gratified to receive a “sorry” voucher from GW though, normally things just turn up a week late! It was really good customer service. There’s been a lot of negative stuff about them dotting about on the internet recently (that I am NOT getting into here) so I feel that something positive like this really deserves mentioning.

I’ve been doing a bit of painting recently, trying to finish my next test Night Lord so that I can paint more Space Wolves. It’s still not finished but I should finish it this weekend.

The other thing that I’ve done this week is play a game. I lost badly and I’ve realised that I really need to a) learn the rules better and b) rebuild my list.

The game was at 1250 points and the list I took was:

 HQ: Wolf Lord in Terminator Armour with one Wolf Claw and two Fenrisian Wolves

This was an “extra” HQ thanks to the Leader of the Pack rule although he ended up as Warlord. He’s fairly flexible and quite useful, unfortunately I stuck him on the wrong side of the board!

HQ: Wolf Priest on bike

I stuck him in with my star unit, the Swiftclaws, and I was really happy with how he worked. I was facing Space Marines so he didn’t have to worry about Flamers this time!

HQ: Rune Priest with Chooser of the Slain.

I gave him Living Lightning and Tempest’s Wrath. I really like Living Lightning but I didn’t use Tempest’s Wrath at all. I’d never actually got him into assault before and because he’s a kitbash I couldn’t figure out what his staff counted as. I ended up calling it an axe.

 Elites: 3x Wolf Guard Terminators.

I either need to drop these guys or add to the unit. It’s too small to be effective at the moment.

Elites: 5x Wolf Scouts: 4x sniper rifles, 1x missile launcher.

Unfortunately, this squad is for the chop as they’re currently fairly useless.

 Troops: 10x Grey Hunters (1 power axe, 1 Melta Gun), 6x Grey Hunters (plasma gun), 5x Grey Hunters (power fist) .

I need to run larger Grey Hunter packs and remember that they have special weapons. The smaller packs were fairly easy to wipe out.

 Fast Attack: Swiftclaws

I love these guys, I just need more of them. Even Bloodclaws can operate twin-linked bolters and toughness 5 is not to be sniffed at.

Heavy Support: 5x Long Fangs: 2x Heavy Bolters, 1x Missile Launcher, 1x Lascannon.

These guys worked well, although the lascannon was a bit superfluous. I might swap it out for a missile launcher

The other thing that would really improve my army would be to get it out of the box more often! The game at the weekend was only my third game since sixth edition dropped. I need practice, not only to design a good list, but to get into the habit of gaming. I keep forgetting rules and, possibly even worse, I keep forgetting wargear. I made some really stupid mistakes on Saturday. Despite rolling Vanguard Strike, which gives such a small deployment zone on a 4×4 board, I managed to place my Wolf Lord on the wrong side of the board, I forgot that there was a meltagun in my list and I kept forgetting all the little rules that might have helped me. I really need more practice.

I’m going to start working on models for my new improved list this weekend by painting up my latest bunch of Grey Hunters. As for practice, I guess that I’ll just have to clear off a table at home and look hopeful!



2 responses to “List building, Painting and Waiting for Orders

  1. Do you split your Wolf Guard up and add them to the Grey Hunter packs? I agree that the 2 small Grey Hunter packs probably aren’t durable enough, but you can solve that problem to some degree by adding the Terminators to them, it’s also a fantastic defence against things like Missiles and Heldrakes. Plus it makes your Wolf Guard squad useful.

    • I used to, but I haven’t in 6th. I put my Rune Priest in the large squad and that’s fairly effective. I might try it when I build the squads up a bit though (which is in progress).

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