Planning Projects

I’m being easily distracted at the moment. I’m working on a project which in some ways is going fairly well, yet in others is being incredibly frustrating. The problem is all down to supplies and logistics. My apartment is not set up for woodworking and so I need to look for ready or at least partly made solutions to any big building projects (by big I mean anything that may require saws and bits of wood). That’s the logistical problem. The supplies problem is that I can’t find what I need to build the base for the project. I wanted an oval photo frame for a base. It’s fairly simple to convert a frame into a stand. It largely involves removing the glass and gluing the back in place. However, it has turned out to be rather impossible to find an oval frame in my city, which has meant that my happy project building weekend has been completely wasted.

My other project problem is, if anything, infinitely more frustrating as it means that I can’t paint until I fix it (and I have two figures sitting on my desk waiting for me at the moment). Both my newish 4-0 and my venerable 5-0 brushes have decided to shed their bristles. For a long time I got through brushes at an incredible rate, but recently I have managed to manage my brushes better, which is why the loss of my fine and extra fine brushes at the same time is so frustrating. The other frustrating thing is that the shop that I buy them from has stopped stocking them as far as I can tell. It’s not good hobbying territory round here. It’s fairly hard to find things and there aren’t many easily accessible model shops. This means that I’ll probably have to order my brushes online and hope that they turn up fairly quickly. For now though I can’t do much and I really want to do some hobbying.

On the other hand though, I do have one test model done and I know what I’ll do differently on the next one. Here’s a little teaser shot.

Night Lords test model 1

Hopefully in the next week I’ll be able to fix at least some of my modelling supply problems and I can show some shots of the project in progress. For now though I think that I am going to build some Grey Hunters.



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