Olaf Fafnirsbane: painted and based.

I posted about this guy a month or so back but now he’s finished (well he lost a pauldron so he’s not finished any more, but he was). I took some hobbying things home for Christmas and I ended up painting in bed while I had the flu with occasional help from the dog and the cat. I say help, but there was the terrifying moment when the cat tried to climb on the folding table that I was using for a painting table. I’ve even fielded him in a game where he gained another name “Lord Precarious”.

Olaf Fafnirsbane left

Olaf Fafnirsbane back

I explained how I built him in the previous post. I painted him in my usual manner: base/layer, wash and then highlights.

Olaf Fafnirsbane front

On his face I decided to add a couple of tattoos to stop him looking quite so much like a surfer as he did at certain points in the painting.

Olaf Fafnirsbane face

So there you go, it’s a short post, but there isn’t much to say. Oh, and in that game… he got toasted by Flamers very quickly!



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