No White Dwarf review this month (or the curse of the Hobbit)

I’ve read this month’s White Dwarf, or parts of it anyway, but I’ve not read it properly. This is not because it’s of lower quality than the previous two months, the regular articles are just fine. It’s just that I just can’t get excited by The Hobbit. I guess that it’s partly due to all of the hype. It’s a book that I read when I was eight. It’s a good book, I remember really enjoying it then, I still enjoy it now, and I’d probably enjoy a Hobbit film. It’s just that there are now three films and the first one is being advertised flipping everywhere! I can’t even escape by reading White Dwarf as a large chunk of the magazine is all about the film or at least the Game of the Film. It’s getting to the point where I’m not going to watch it because of all of the adverts. Unfortunately this is why I picked up this month’s White Dwarf, flicked through it on the train home, put it on the coffee table and forgot about it. It’s a pity, as it’s obvious that a lot of effort goes into all of the White Dwarf columns and I want to read them, it’s why I buy the magazine after all, but it’s hard to get excited about an issue that is so full of something that I’m not interested in. I’m just hoping that as time goes on, the domination of one product line an issue will calm down a bit. I have a feeling that, for now at least, we’ll be hearing more and more about The Hobbit.

One thing that I noticed this month saddened/worried me a little. This month’s magazine came with a large poster of Citadel figures for Warhammer 40K, topped by a display of the Dark Vengeance figures. Not everything is shown on the list, for instance, only Ultramarines are shown for the Space Marines (no Lysander etc.), but, with one notable exception, every codex is represented. That codex is Sisters of Battle. I’ve checked, I’ve even double and triple checked the poster, they’re not even hiding among the Guard or the Grey Knights. I don’t know what it means, it’s possible that it’s because the models are all still largely metal and only available on the Games Workshop site rather than through stores, but it’s sad and a little bit worrying that they’re not on the list with everything else. I guess that all I can do is hope that they’re missing because they’re in the process of being redone and in a few months there’ll be shiny new figures, but I’m not sure, and considering what’s in this rumour/interview from Faeit 212, I’m not at all hopeful either.

I was going to give my final decision on whether I liked the new style White Dwarf this month but I’m torn. I feel that on one hand, three months has given us an example of all three gaming systems, on the other hand though, I’m desperately hoping that in future it will be more like last month than this month. I guess that I’ve got some thinking to do!


Look, no hands!

I mentioned a little while back that I’d been away on a trip. During the long flight back I had an idea for a conversion. I got back home and spent a good part of the rest of the day sitting in a pile of sprues looking for bits. However, it’s taken me until now (well, Saturday) to find and convert everything.

I wanted to build a Swiftclaw harpoonist, standing on his bike, and, as the harpoon is a marine weapon, I decided to give him watery rather than furry trophies.

Olaf Fafnirsbane unpainted left

The biker himself is built from parts from the Space Wolves Pack, Space Wolves upgrade and Space Marine Bike kits. I reposed him by carefully cutting along the joints using both a scalpel and a razor saw, drilling a hole through the pieces and threading steel wire through them to make them poseable. I then repaired the joints using greenstuff. The harpoon arm is actually a biker’s arm, as it was easier to deal with than anything with more detail. The harpoon itself is made from the pole of an icon from the Seekers of Slaanesh kit, topped with a speartip made from plasticard and green stuff. The serpent hide cloak is just made from green stuff. I decided to make a more dynamic head for this model, so I found one from the Space Wolves Pack box which had the right expression and removed the hair. Then, once I had positioned the head, I sculpted hair on.

Olaf Fafnirsbane unpainted right

I used green stuff on the bike too, in order to sculpt the sea serpent trophy on the front of the bike. I then magnetised the model so that it would be easier to transport.

Olaf Fafnirsbane unpainted back

So, the next job is to paint it. I have to defend my thesis, have a project meeting, find a flipping jacket and keep various relatives under control, all before Christmas (there’s also all the shopping stuff to do). However, I would like to get him done before I go home.


Pleading sickness

I have a cold. It’s not quite bad enough for me to take time off work (at the moment the dividing line between going in in and taking a sick day is whether I can physically drag myself out of bed) but it’s enough to make me uninterested in doing things like reviewing White Dwarfs or writing long blog posts.

I have managed a little hobbying and hopefully I will have done enough to post a picture of the unpainted conversion this weekend. I was supposed to be tidying up my partly painted pile but instead I’ve been converting like crazy. Fortunately green stuff work requires very short bursts of effort in order to avoid wayward thumbmarks and squashed details. I just have a few small details (and a great big spear) to go.

I’ve done some reading too. I bought Faith and Fire the other day and I’ve just finished it. I think that when I’ve finished Hammer and Anvil I will write a review of the duology as Faith and Fire was an interesting read.

Anyway, this is a poor excuse of a post but it will have to do!