Home for the holidays

So, the last few weeks have been rather hectic for me, with all the chaos culminating in a trip home. All the fuss and the visitors (all of whom were very welcome) meant that I had no time to myself though, which meant no painting or modelling or even much reading. Actually, I had fifteen blissful minutes painting red onto my latest Swiftclaw, but it ended far too quickly.

I decided that I’d bring some painting home with me for the holidays as I’d really wanted to finish my latest project before Christmas and failed miserably. I’m always surprised just how many paints I need just to finish a project. I filled a litre ice cream tub with paints, and I still forgot one.

I’ve picked up a few of the Black Library Advent stories to read at home. I’ve just listened to Strike and Fade by Guy Haley, it’s only ten minutes long but it is excellent! I’m now listening to Warmaster by John French. I’m probably not going to buy all of the stories, but the ones that I have read/ listened to already have been top quality. I like the addition of audio stories to the flash fiction shorts. A thousand words/ ten minutes is very short, but it’s long enough to get a good atmosphere going and some character into the protagonists.

I still have a few to read and I guess that I’ll pick up some more once advent is over, so that I can read the ones that I’ve missed.

For now though I get to share the audiobooks with the dog, and I don’t think he’s a fan of Horus Lupercal!



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