Look, no hands!

I mentioned a little while back that I’d been away on a trip. During the long flight back I had an idea for a conversion. I got back home and spent a good part of the rest of the day sitting in a pile of sprues looking for bits. However, it’s taken me until now (well, Saturday) to find and convert everything.

I wanted to build a Swiftclaw harpoonist, standing on his bike, and, as the harpoon is a marine weapon, I decided to give him watery rather than furry trophies.

Olaf Fafnirsbane unpainted left

The biker himself is built from parts from the Space Wolves Pack, Space Wolves upgrade and Space Marine Bike kits. I reposed him by carefully cutting along the joints using both a scalpel and a razor saw, drilling a hole through the pieces and threading steel wire through them to make them poseable. I then repaired the joints using greenstuff. The harpoon arm is actually a biker’s arm, as it was easier to deal with than anything with more detail. The harpoon itself is made from the pole of an icon from the Seekers of Slaanesh kit, topped with a speartip made from plasticard and green stuff. The serpent hide cloak is just made from green stuff. I decided to make a more dynamic head for this model, so I found one from the Space Wolves Pack box which had the right expression and removed the hair. Then, once I had positioned the head, I sculpted hair on.

Olaf Fafnirsbane unpainted right

I used green stuff on the bike too, in order to sculpt the sea serpent trophy on the front of the bike. I then magnetised the model so that it would be easier to transport.

Olaf Fafnirsbane unpainted back

So, the next job is to paint it. I have to defend my thesis, have a project meeting, find a flipping jacket and keep various relatives under control, all before Christmas (there’s also all the shopping stuff to do). However, I would like to get him done before I go home.


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