Pleading sickness

I have a cold. It’s not quite bad enough for me to take time off work (at the moment the dividing line between going in in and taking a sick day is whether I can physically drag myself out of bed) but it’s enough to make me uninterested in doing things like reviewing White Dwarfs or writing long blog posts.

I have managed a little hobbying and hopefully I will have done enough to post a picture of the unpainted conversion this weekend. I was supposed to be tidying up my partly painted pile but instead I’ve been converting like crazy. Fortunately green stuff work requires very short bursts of effort in order to avoid wayward thumbmarks and squashed details. I just have a few small details (and a great big spear) to go.

I’ve done some reading too. I bought Faith and Fire the other day and I’ve just finished it. I think that when I’ve finished Hammer and Anvil I will write a review of the duology as Faith and Fire was an interesting read.

Anyway, this is a poor excuse of a post but it will have to do!



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