A little side project: Blood Angels Death Company

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week, I was overseas and I left my laptop at home. I did some reading and some planning and sometime, when I’m more awake, I’ll talk about both of them. However, I meant to post these pictures before I left, so they’re first in the queue.

When I scrounged the Devastator squad that I used for my Long Fangs from my boyfriend, there were two more models in the box. Upon closer inspection they turned out to be Blood Angel Death Company figures.

I was going to just leave them in the box but then I looked at the models again and asked my boyfriend if I could paint them for him for whenever he decides to resurrect his old Blood Angels army. Fortunately he was ok with this so I did just that.

Death Company Front

Rather than adding blue to the black as I did with the armour for my Wolf Priest I used a 2:1 mixture of Abaddon Black to Caliban Green for the “black” parts of the armour. While using blue leads to quite a shiny looking black, green gives a subtler finish. I then used Caliban Green for highlighting the armour, which contrasts with the secondary colour used, which, as these guys are Blood Angels, is red.

For the red areas I started with a  layer of Red Gore (Wazdakka Red), which, after the model was washed with Badab Black (Nuln Oil), I then highlighted with a 1:1 blend of Red Gore to Blood Red (Evil Sunz Scarlet) followed by a second highlight of Blood Red. For the teardrop gems and the eye lenses I then used two more highlights, first a 1:1 blend of Blood Red to Troll Slayer Orange then finally a very little Troll Slayer Orange to make them glow a bit more.

Of course power swords should really glow, so after highlighting I painted on arcs using Hawk Turquoise (Sotek Green), Ice Blue (Lothern Blue) and Skull White (White Scar) and then used a Guilliman Blue Glaze to finish off.

Death Company Right

There’s a lot of “dark” about these models. Blood Angels Death Company are black and my boyfriend uses a dark grey base, so even before I started I knew that these models were going to be more sombre than my Space Wolves. I decided therefore to keep the models dark where possible and to keep the colour scheme simple, which is very different to how I usually end up painting my Wolves. To that end I decided to use a 1:1 blend of Abaddon Black to Scorched Brown (Rinox Hide) for the holsters and pouches, which I then highlighted with Scorched Brown.

For the bases I used greenstuff to make paving slabs to hide the slot of the slottabase, which I then painted using Eshin Grey and highlighted with Codex Grey (Dawnstone).

I don’t have transfers for Blood Angels so I had to paint the Chapter symbol which is why it is a little lopsided. Space Wolves are much more forgiving of wobbles in the painting as they are supposed to be wild individualists. Somehow I don’t think that I can use that excuse with Blood Angels!

Death Company Left

Anyway, my boyfriend now has his Death Company models back and I am back to painting Space Wolves (or thinking about it anyway). It was nice to paint something a little bit different for once and I think that I learned something about style and colouring while working on these guys. I really wanted to make them look as good as I could get them as I was not painting them for myself and because they did not have to fit in with my army I could try out something a little bit different.


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