List Building

I’m not very good at list building, I don’t have much experience and I’ve heard so much about the cheesy lists that can be built with the Space Wolves codex, that I want to avoid that at all costs. It doesn’t help that I paint what I want to paint and that my usual opponent plays Daemons, so my initial lists were designed to deal with Bloodletters (they didn’t work).

I can currently make a fairly sensible (for me) 1424 point list which I could tweak to hit 1500 points, which is a bit of a landmark for me. It’s only taken me a year and a third to reach this point!

The list is currently:


HQ: Wolf Lord, Terminator armour, 1x Wolf Claws, 2x Fenrisian Wolves, Belt of Russ

HQ: Rune Priest, Chooser of the Slain

HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike


Elites: 3x Wolf Guard, 2x Wolf Claws, Storm Shield and Thunder Hammer

Elites: Lone Wolf, 2x Fenrisian Wolves

Elites: 10x Wolf Scouts, 5x sniper rifle, 1x boltgun, 1x missile launcher


Troops: 5x Grey Hunters, 1x plasma gun

Troops: 5x Grey Hunters, 1x power fist

Troops: 10x Blood Claws, 1x melta gun, 1x power axe


Fast Attack: 3x Swift Claws

Fast Attack: Land Speeder, multi melta, flamer


Heavy Support: 5x Long Fangs, power fist, 2x heavy bolters, 1x missile launcher, 1x lascannon


=1424 points


At the moment I have kits or partly built models for: 20 more troops, 2 more Swiftclaws, 10 more Long Fangs, a Land Raider and a Dreadnought. Obviously I would not be able to use everything listed below 2000 points. I’d probably drop the Lone Wolf for the Dreadnought and I’m not planning on using all of the Long Fangs at once.

It’s beginning to look like a list though!


3 responses to “List Building

  1. Hey, don’t take this as a personal attack but I don’t think this is a strong list at 1500 points. Please take what I say as constructive critical analysis.

    In a list at that size I would have 4 loaded out grey hunters, 2 terminator rune priests, a wolf guard for each squad in TDA and a spare wolf guard sitting on one of the 2 missile launcher long fang squads.

    The list had lots of weapons in the wrong places, power fists in a long fang squad is never going to be used and is wasted points. I wouldn’t take blood claws in the list until you have enough maxed out grey hunter squads but since you have then drop the meltagun, it’s never going to get used with the headstrong rule since you have to charge when it’s in range.
    I’d merge the two 5 man squad if that is all the troops you have, that way you can have a second free plasma gun.

    The wolf lord should switch out the belt for a storm sheild, you won’t be getting a bonus attack with 1 claw. I am never a fan of swiftclaws but if they work for you then keep them. Hope it goes well, I would put it up on dakka dakka if you want some more advice.
    Good luck.

    • I know it’s not a strong list. It’s designed to make the most of the models I have (The old old Devastator Sergeant I have came with a power fist firmly attached for instance).
      I always run my Blood Claws in a squad with either a Wolf Guard, or as I’ll do here, all round my Rune Priest, which means that Headstrong does not apply unless he dies. I’ll probably build them up to a squad of 15 in the end.
      I split the Grey Hunters into two because I found that I needed to divide my troops up to cover more of the board (until I get round to building more when I’ll run them as squads of ten with double plasma/melta and a standard bearer).
      I have to build and paint more stuff before I can play around with my list more. The Belt of Russ was meant to just build up the points as I don’t have quite enough yet (as you can see)
      Oddly enough, in my last game (which was a couple of months ago as I never seem to have time these days) the Long Fangs with the Heavy Bolters were far more useful than I thought they’d be (at the time I hadn’t started building the second pack that I’m working on now and the older style models, while incredibly cute, come with only four heavy weapons)
      Thanks for all of your advice!

      • I wouldn’t use a rune priest with blood claws. They work at cross purposes, blood claws work well with combat characters so your wolf lord would suit them. That lets you fire the melta and charge.

        If you want my opinions on long fangs just check them out here. It’s an update of an article I wrote for another blog a few months back.

        I understand fully the plight of building a new army.I have been a year at my space wolves and only now have a decent 1850 army.

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