Wolf Priest on Bike: Hildólfr Deathmask

My Wolf Priest was my first ever conversion and, to be honest, I’ve never been completely happy with how he looked, so, when I started building my Swiftclaws, I decided that I’d rebuild him as an HQ to go with that unit.

There are bits from the Ravenwing bike kit, the Space Wolves pack and the Space Wolves upgrade frame in there.

For markings I decided to go with using Morkai, the two headed wolf of death, due to him being a Wolf Priest, and also due to the scarring on his face.

Trying to get the scarring right was quite important for me. This character has quite a complicated back story in my mind. The scarring was caused by a heroic last stand that turned out to be not quite as final as he had assumed. I wanted it to be quite extreme, and I’ve almost got it how I wanted it (I had a little mishap with a wash and his face turned out darker than expected).

I’ve already talked about the Wolf Skull Helmet. I really wanted to get that and the Crozius onto the model. I decided that adding an amulet on top would have been too much, but I did manage to fit on a cannister for geneseed (a piece of tubing stopped up with green stuff), strapped onto his belt.

Anyway, here you are,meet  Hildólfr Deathmask, Wolf Priest of the Great Company of Ælfhere Greatpaw, ready to lead those riotous Swift Claws into battle! I have two more bikes left in the kit to build, but I may leave them for a while as I have a couple of projects (and that flipping Aegis Defence Line) waiting to be done.


2 responses to “Wolf Priest on Bike: Hildólfr Deathmask

  1. Looks great, I wish I was half as good. Love the style, even though I’m not a big SpWolf guy… The scheme is a just the right combo of colors. Keep it up, you’re motivating me 🙂

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