Of Nano, painting and dark nights

I’m struggling a bit at the moment. My thesis has to be sent to the printers next week (and no, it’s not ready) and I have a foreign trip coming up due to a friend’s wedding and then, after all that, I have to defend my thesis! All this means that I’m not doing much in my spare time except sleeping and reading.

I’ve just finished Helsreach, which is a very, very good read. The style is different, swapping between 1st and 3rd person, but it works very well. Aaron Dembski-Bowden is not above just killing characters off though!

Every year, in the build up to November, I think about doing Nanowrimo. Every November (but one) I have failed to finish. This year, in about June, July, I came up with a brilliant idea, by October I realised that I was far too busy to even contemplate adding yet another challenge to the pile that are standing between me and getting home in a more or less sane state of mind this Christmas. I like Nano in the same way as I like painting challenges and even deadlines. They focus me, stop me butterflying from one idea to the next. Unfortunately they focus me, to the extent that I can’t think about anything else. This week I’ve been totally focused on work and however relaxing half an hour’s painting is, yesterday was the first evening this week that I’ve managed to build up enough focus to do more than look at the bike that I’m working on and then my leg went to sleep…

Anyway, enough of my moaning! The bike only needs a few more hours work. I forgot to paint the handlebars. I just need to fix them, touch up a couple of wobbly bits and then it’s on to the washes and the highlighting. I’m having to use lamps while I paint in the evenings now, which is always “interesting”. I should be able to get in some solid daytime painting time in this weekend though, and hopefully I can focus on my task!



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