Long Fang Pack: The Curved Fang

Well it’s taken a while but I’ve finally finished these guys. They’re based around an old 1992 Devastator Squad box and they’ve been great fun to paint. I explained how I painted them back here but, having painted one of them, I’m afraid that I forgot about them for a bit. Still, they’re painted now and I guess that I’m quite happy about them. I’ve fielded them in one game (before they were painted) and they worked quite well. The ability to split fire worked well as I was able to use the heavy bolters against infantry while the lascannon and missile launchers could fire against the rhino that was speeding towards them. They all got wiped out once the assault marines arrived though, they are my Long Fangs after all!

Anyway, here’s the pack. I’ve tried to make them all look different despite the metal models themselves being fairly similar. Due to me accidentally melting a couple of the arms while stripping them as acetone free nail polish turned out to be more aggressive than I had hoped, one of the arms and a couple of shoulder pads are a bit rough. I hid the worst of it behind green-stuffed furs though I hope.

I guess that now that these guys are done I should finish off one of my other partially finished units. I’m trying not to start anything new until I have some of the backlog done, but this is me. I can’t guarantee that I won’t get distracted!



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