100 Posts

So it’s my 100th post. As with all 100th posts I suppose there ought to be some self indulgent navel gazing, a bit of a retrospective and some looking to the future.

I probably should have reached 100 posts a few weeks back. I’ve been trying to post three times a week but that hasn’t been as easy as I first thought. It’s not been lack of interest so much as lack of time (and more crucially energy). Hopefully things will settle down a bit in the new year (and yes, I guess that I will probably come to regret saying that).

Since I started this blog a lot has happened in 40k. We have had new paints and new rules, the release of flyers and a new look White Dwarf. Due to my complete and utter inability to organise games I suppose that the paints have been the most important change for me. So far I’ve liked the new paints and I plan to keep using them as I plod through the piles of models on my desk.

My painting has hopefully improved since I started this blog. I’m not sure that the painting speed has though as I still have an enormous painting queue.

In future I guess that I really should get round to playing a few more games and having a fully painted army. Whether I get that done in time for my 150th or 200th post is another matter though!

Finally I’d like to say thanks to you for reading this. I know that I could talk to thin air if I felt like it, but it’s nice to think that I’m writing something that might get read some time!

Anyway, there may be another post today, so I’ll leave this one as it is!



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