A painting update: A long wait for my Long Fangs

So, since I temporarily abandoned painting the Aegis defence lines I’ve got back into the rhythm regarding painting. Hopefully, once I get a few more miniatures painted I’ll be able to make some headway on them, but I’m ignoring them for now.

What really spurred on my current painting frenzy was the realisation that I had modelled my second Long Fang pack without finishing the first. After painting the first of the pack a few months back I’ve been really uninspired regarding the other four models. I’d partly painted all of them. The pack leader just needed washing and highlighting while the rest had just had the blue-grey and the Boltgun Metal bits roughly painted in.

I was actually painting a different miniature last weekend, a Wolf Priest to go on a bike so that I can reliably use my Swift Claws. However, while I was applying the wash to that model I decided that I would like to keep painting so I finished a Long Fang. I’m now nearly ready to wash and highlight a second. You may have noticed that there are no pictures. That is because my plan is to photograph the whole pack on Sunday (if I’m good) or early next week (if I’m not).

I’m hoping that the inspiration to paint more might help me blog more. I suppose that I’ll find out in a few days (and yes, I know that posting this late is not a good start).




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