Long Fang pack leader: Eric Clawfoot of the Pack of the Old Wyrm

I know, no post since last week and this one is a day late. It’s just that I’m currently struggling a bit for inspiration and while I am happily building things, I haven’t been painting that much. I’m blaming it on the Aegis Defence Line. It’s still sitting there looking grey and unpainted and it’s putting me off a bit.

Last weekend I decided that I wanted to do something and so I undercoated a whole batch of miniatures. The model that I was going to work on needed another coat so I picked up one that was waiting and painted it.

You may recognise this guy as the Long Fang pack leader that I posted a picture of unpainted a few weeks back. The torso, head and weapons are from the Space Wolves Pack box, while the legs came from the Iron Hands Tactical Squad  upgrade kit.

It’s the first time that I’ve worked with Finecast at all. With the exception of the bubbles, the legs were pretty nice. There are mould lines (I missed one too) but they turn up on the plastic kits. My main problem was stealth bubbles, those that were too small or well hidden to notice before I sloshed paint everywhere. Still, the detail on the legs was lovely. The lines were sharper than on the plastic kits and the details on the bionics were amazing. If Games Workshop can get a grip on the quality control issues, I for one would be quite happy with using Finecast.

Anyway, I need to paint the rest of his pack and the other Long Fang pack. I haven’t looked at my painting pile as a whole for a while, probably because it is depressingly large!



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