Postal charges and Games Workshop

I’m going to post a bit of a rant today. I was looking for a book to give somebody as a present. It’s out of stock from Black Library and Amazon, but Games Workshop say that they have a copy. I live half an hour away by public transport and foot from my local GW store and while I’d rather order things from there,  I’d rather not make two trips there just for just one item when I’m busy. However, some time in the past couple of months the free postage limit from Games Workshop to send things to addresses in The Netherlands has risen from €15 to €30. To make things worse, if I lived in Belgium the limit would still be €15. France, Germany and Italy also have the raised limit, but Spain doesn’t. It’s a bit odd that the limit is raised in some countries but not others and while I imagine that most people in The Netherlands are within an hour of a Games Workshop store (mostly because it’s not that big a country) the cost of sending things to different countries in Europe is not that different (The Royal Mail says that it’s the same).

The thing is, if there was no free postage at all I’d not be bothered. It’s just that I don’t get why there is a disparity in the prices. I’m just glad that I don’t live in Finland where the limit is €75! I’d rather not order online and get the item sent to my local store as I’d rather give the local guys my money than the website and, to be honest, it feels very cheeky to order something elsewhere and have it sent to a shop that is not getting the money (and I really don’t need anything at the moment!).

Anyway, I’m going to call the local store on the off-chance they have a copy and then, if needs be, take the train there after work some time this week.



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