Manning the Barricades (or not)

Have you ever started a task, worked on it solidly and then realised that you’ve barely made a dent on it? Well. That’s the situation I’m in with painting the Aegis defence lines for the Imperial Strongpoint. I sprayed all the barricades grey, which was fine and then picked up the nearest piece and started painting. This is the result.

Unfortunately that little barricade took me three evenings and I have another eleven of them, along with twelve of the larger ones still to do. I made a start on painting Tin Bitz on the next barricade in the queue and I’m still at it. It feels like a bit of a thankless task. The barricades are harder to paint than they look, as it’s difficult to paint all the different angles at once so you have to paint at one angle, wait for it to dry, hold the model by the newly painted part and paint the next bit, then wait for that bit to dry…

So, yesterday I caught myself procrastinating. Rather than painting barricades, I built a Long Fang Squad Leader using various bits from the Devastator box, the Space Wolves Pack box and the Iron Hands upgrade kit, oh, and lots of green stuff! The legs are still separate as I don’t think that I’ll be able to get at all the detail otherwise (and all my super glue lids have glued themselves onto the bottles).

I was originally planning on using a fur trimmed pauldron on one arm but, when I went to stick it on, I realised that the fur would be sticking out at a stupid angle. I guess that’s the difficulty with all of these beautifully decorated extras. They do look good, but they really can only go one way, otherwise any dangly bits appear to disobey gravity.

I decided today that as I wasn’t making any progress on the barricades I’d do some more work to reduce the painting backlog. I have one Wolf Guard Terminator that has been sitting glued together undercoated but otherwise unpainted for months now. In my last game (my only game of sixth ed. so far) he was pretty awesome, surviving almost all that was thrown at him (I was tabled) for quite some time, so I felt that it really was time that he got at least a lick of paint thrown at him. I’ve nearly finished the layering part now, so I hope to get him done this week, which will be nice. It would be nice to get him done before my birthday at the end of this month as I got the kit as a birthday present last year!

Apart from that, I’ve been doing a bit of reading. I have been reading First Heretic by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, but although it is a great book I haven’t been able to pick it up to finish it off. I think it’s because I’m tired. It’s a book full of strong feelings and big concepts and I’m spending my work week struggling to deal with a new topic, so I’m mentally very tired, which means that I haven’t got the energy to finish it, particularly as I’m beginning to remember what is about to happen in the story. So, rather than struggle on with it now, I’m taking a break from it until I can really get back to reading it and I’ve been reading Rynn’s World by Steve Parker instead. I like Rynn’s World, which is why the book is beginning to fall to bits. It’s not the best written of the Space Marine Battles series, but it’s fairly decent and stars Pedro Kantor and Pedro Kantor is just, well, awesome. I think I need to do a bit of book shopping again. I have a list of all sorts of books that I want but that I haven’t got round to getting. Perhaps a good book will help get me back into a painting mood. Perhaps next week I can reward myself for getting another one of those flipping barricades finished!



3 responses to “Manning the Barricades (or not)

  1. Zelfde probleem.. Heb voor een quick and dirty oplossing gekozen, spray, metal drybrush op de ‘frame’ delen, goud drybrush op de eagles, verdunde zwarte wash over alles heen, lichte drybrush metal en goud er weer overheen. Complert setje klaar op een avond. Niet zo mooi als die van jou, maar meer tijd over voor de figures.

    Dank voor een interessant blog btw, leuk te lezen.

    • Bedankt!
      Het spijt me, mij Nederlands is niet so goed. Ik denk dat de problem met de barricades is meer mij langzaam technique en de groote steken 🙂
      Maar dat is een mooi idee.
      Pardon voor de slechte Nederlands!

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