Lone Wolves Graphic Novel by Dan Abnett and Karl Richardson: A review

I’ve just started a new job (same place, same boss, very different work) and as a result I’m more than a little bit tired. That’s why I’m going to review a book I’ve owned for a few months now, the Lone Wolves graphic novel by Dan Abnett and  Karl Richardson.

The Lone Wolves graphic novel is a collection of the comic series originally published in Warhammer monthly. As you can probably tell from the title there are Space Wolves involved in the story, although it is actually told from the point of view of a guardsman, Sergeant Poul Marlin of the Xth Slavok regiment.

Marlin and his men are, as far as they know, the only humans left on the planet of Shadrac. It’s frozen, they have no food and they have a bit of a Tyranid problem. Fortunately for them they aren’t as alone as they thought, as, when they need it most, Skold Greypelt’s Space Wolves appear.

The original story was published back in 2003, but the Space Wolves in this story are more like those in Prospero Burns than the William King Space Wolf books. Actually, there’s something that really confuses me. One of the early episodes of The Overlords podcast (episode 15, about 1 hour in) had an interview with Dan Abnett where he mentioned the difficulties he had with writing Space Wolves. I know that graphic novels are different to novel novels but the interview does jar a bit with the book in front of me!

Anyway, the story is good, it’s more of an Imperial Guard than a Space Wolf story, but both forces are well portrayed and Karl Richardson’s artwork is stunning! There is an introduction by Christian Dunn that makes me chuckle every time I read it and some information on the Space Wolves at the end which gives an idea of what’s next for the survivors and gives some nice ideas for Space Wolf armies.

This is a great graphic novel and I highly recommend it. It’s particularly nice for Space Wolf fans but the storyline and artwork have much broader appeal. At least that’s what I think and I’ve drooled over it for quite a few months now!



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