Building the Imperial Strongpoint part 2: The Aegis Defence Line

Part 1 is here

For the second part of my series on the Imperial Strongpoint I’m going to look at building the Aegis Defence Line. Although, as I very quickly found out, building is a bit of a strong word for clipping out barricade after barricade! The Aegis Defence Line is the only kit that I’ve built where there is a risk of repetitive strain injury.

There are three whole defence lines in the kit. To build the kit you need clippers, files, plastic cement and lots and lots of patience.

First cut out the barricades and file down any mould lines- that’s the Aegis defence line.

Fortunately the quad gun emplacements are a bit more work, although they were still very straightforward to build. It’s a kit that can be made moveable. When you attached the gun body to the stand, just glue the inside of the peg, so that no glue gets onto the stand. The stand should be nicely moveable. It’s quite a stiff joint so the gun won’t repose itself in the middle of a game! The only other things that you need to worry about are lining up the wires on the stand with those on the base. The second tip I have is to place the magnoculars on the opposite side of the gun to the communications device (at least that’s what I think it is- it looks like a radio), otherwise the gunner won’t be able to use them as there will be an aerial in the way.

Sorry for the blanket used in the picture. I’m taking photos on my floor, which is grey, so I need to put something down so that you can see the grey plastic!

This weekend I started preparing the Bastions for painting and I also started on painting the barricades. I may be some time though. The kit is more detailed (at least painting-wise) than I first thought! I’m trying out a grey primer and it’s subtly different than painting on black. However, that is something for another day.



One response to “Building the Imperial Strongpoint part 2: The Aegis Defence Line

  1. interesting I am also in the process of painting an imperial strong point kit, be good to see other peoples take on it from mine

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