Swiftclaw Bikers: painted and based

A short post today as as I’m tired. Last weekend I finished my Swiftclaws. Work in progress can be seen here and here. Currently I only have three bikers although the eventual plan is for a large squad with an complete with Wolf Guard or Wolf Priest leader to try and rein them in. Parts were from the Ravenwing Bike Squad, the Space Wolves Pack, the Space Marine Scouts kit (the sheathed knife) and the Space Marine Devastator kit (the holstered pistols).

The bases were made using Milliput to build up rocks, which were then painted with a mix of Tausept Ochre and Bleached Bone. I then added bits of gravel using super glue. Finally I added a coating of sand followed by a patchy coat of snow (Citadel Snow) both attached using PVA glue.

I probably need to add a bit more weathering to these guys some time but I want to do it properly so I’m leaving it until I know what I want to do. I’m really looking forward to using them in a game though, whenever I get round to having one!


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