Nailing it

I bought myself some nail polish the other day. It was supposed to give a cracked effect and I suppose it did, although it resembled tarmac more than anything else unfortunately. I was a little annoyed at that, I don’t wear nail polish often, but I’d liked the idea and was rather annoyed that it hadn’t worked at all. Then I had an idea- it looked like tarmac on my nails, but how would it look on scenery?

The nail polish adhered nicely to the plasticard. The stuff cracks as it dries. A thin coat makes small cracks, but a larger blob leads to larger cracks. This is the piece before priming. It’s part of a larger piece I’m planning, an objective marker that is a shrine to Chaos (my boyfriend plays Chaos Daemons but most of the scenery we have is Imperial (and unpainted)).

I used Citadel Chaos Black spray to undercoat the piece and then I painted it. This is the result.

I bought the nail polish from a Dutch store (Etos), but you could probably find it elsewhere. The shop doesn’t sell it online, so I can’t link to it, but Boots do something similar. It’s a very easy way to effectively create texture on a piece of scenery.



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