Swiftclaw shoulder pads: work in progress

Work has just got very busy so I’m not going to have time to write much of a post today. Here are my current works in progress though: shoulder pads for my Swiftclaws. I’m afraid they’re still in progress so they’re not all neat and tidy yet (and the guys themselves are most definitely scruffy) but I had a bit of fun thinking up the design last night.

It’s supposed to be of a wolf with the rune “Ehwaz” above it as “horse” was the closest rune I could think of to “fast”. I tried to make them look as if they were running, but vaguely animal like was difficult enough in the end. Hopefully I’ll have time to finish these guys this weekend, but I don’t think I’ll have much free time for the next couple of days with which to work on them, which is a pity as I’m finding them really enjoyable to paint.



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