It’s too darn hot…

It’s rather warm here at the moment. I know that 30°C is probably not that hot really, but there’s no breeze and old Dutch houses don’t have air conditioning, or at least my apartment doesn’t. Its warm enough that the paint is drying on my palette faster than I can use it, which is a problem as I’ve just had a 3 ½ day weekend and I wanted to finish my Swiftclaw bikers. I did finish the bikes but the riders are all still just blue-grey blobs.

The bikes are from the Ravenwing bike kit. I’ve used green stuff to sculpt the wolf heads on the front of two of the bikes and the knife or sword on the back of the third came from the Space Marine Scout box.

Anyway, this is what they look like at the moment sans riders. Hopefully I can get the riders done and the models based before too long!



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