I want to paint my bicycle…

I was going to try and get a game in this weekend, but I failed miserably. I did make some inroads into the modelling pile though. I’ve begun basing some models that have been waiting far too long for a splash of paint and some gravel and I’ve sprayed primer on the rest of the box of barricades I bought at the beginning of the year. I even got the Imperial Strongpoint out of its box and promptly put it back. That thing is massive! I need to clear the table completely before I start work on it.

The thing I’ve spent most time working on though has been my first three Swiftclaw bikers, largely because they’re great fun! I am really enjoying building and painting them (and running them along the table going vroom vroom). They’re not yet at the stage where I can post pictures as I’m still at the block colour stage but I thought that I should try and post something tonight. They’re going fast enough that I might have one ready this week, which will be very nice and there will definitely be posting of pictures then. I’ve been planning these guys for far too long now, it’ll be nice to actually use them in a game.

Sorry for the short post, there will be some longer ones coming soon.



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