Works in Progress everywhere…

…But nothing is quite done!

I’ve been in rather an odd mood since I’ve come back from my holiday, I’ve been working on all sorts of things, but I haven’t been able to settle down and finish things. I’ve been adding green stuff sculpting to my Swift Claws, removed the magnets from a Wolf Guard Terminator from a failed project and glued him to his base and I’ve even highlighted some of the Blood Claws that have been sitting around almost finished since April! If I could just apply all that effort to one thing, I might have had something finished to show you, but as it is I’ve had to resort to showing you part of another work in progress: my ongoing battle to get a grip on both my army list and the new rules.

Inspired by the psychic cards, I started these when I was at my parents’ house last week. I’m planning on making one for every unit type in my army. The idea is not to replace my codex during games, but to provide me with a way of learning what each unit does, and reminding me of the rules as I play. They also make good bookmarks I guess.

Now I’m back home I can also work on understanding the rulebook. That may require more than flashcards though!


2 responses to “Works in Progress everywhere…

  1. Sounds like you need to rest your Mojo and try something different, like Orks maybe!
    Lots of opportunity for numbering creative, nothing looks wrong and all round fun to play!
    Can’t say I’ve ever seen a Nordic ork force before!

    • I’m waiting for the new Chaos book to come out before I think of starting a new army. My boyfriend has Orks and I’d like something different to him.
      I’m being indecisive rather than bored though. 🙂

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