And I’m back (again)

So, posting from my parents’ place didn’t work out so well, admittedly, neither did work, but I got plenty of sleep (and a haircut, a much needed haircut).

I wasn’t completely bereft of 40k stuff though, I found some embossing tools for use in green stuff sculpting. I was looking for some of the little rubber-ended clay shaper things, but cheap embossing tools have a lot of potential. I also found a very cheap supply of Milliput, but I have plenty of that left, so I decided not to stock up, it will still be there next time I’m home.

I’m back now though, so expect some hobby progress soon.

In the meantime, here’s an awful article from the BBC and an off-topic rant. Now, I’m not an IT fanatic, I can look after my laptop, but I’m not enthralled by new gadgets, unless the hardware is very different and clever and I’m nervous about programming things as the only language I know is Fortran 90 (and I’ve forgotten most of that). However, this article fits a trend that I’ve spotted in several other places, normally in articles about physics. Firstly, that you have to be a geek to work in science, technology or engineering and secondly, and this is where I guess this rant touches on the 40k area, that women don’t want to be geeks. In my experience, albeit limited to a small sample group, neither is true. I am quite happy to be considered geeky or even nerdy, it’s what makes me able to do my job, which I love, and I’m fascinated by so many things. I love to learn, to do things, to create, to imagine, to know why. It’s what makes me love physics and cooking and Warhammer 40K, and it’s probably what makes me all defensive when I read these articles. Not everybody wants to be a geek, not every man, not every woman, but I’m a woman with geeky tendencies, and why shouldn’t I be?


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