A quick break from travelling

Well, I’m back home for a couple of days (which are rapidly diminishing) and I’m building some Swiftclaws. After my first game of sixth edition I learned several things: firstly, that I’m really struggling to remember the new rules, secondly, it’s a really bad idea to build a new list, for a new edition, when you have no idea how two whole units work and finally, that my footslogging army isn’t working and needs a boost. That means getting some sort of transport for my units, and/or beef up my fast attack, so I can reach the enemy before he can shoot me to bits.

The latter is my preferred route, so I’m going to start by building the Swiftclaws that I’ve been planning for months. To that end, I bought a Raven Wing Bike Squad kit as it contains three bikes and is cheaper than buying the bikes one by one and has some pretty bits that I can adapt (I know, using Dark Angel bits on Space Wolves, the irony is delicious).

I then need to get the Land Raider out of its box and a) figure out what it’s for and b) start work on it.

What I also need to do is get a real grip on all the units in my codex and the new rules. I can do some of that when I visit my folks next week. I’m going to try actually planning a list, and seeing what else I need to buy to build it.

I may move back to having two HQs in my army too. I moved down to one for the last game I played, in order to fit in more scouts and things, but I think that using the Wolf Lord on his own as a unit, really is quite nice, although I imagine the pair of Fenrisian Wolves aren’t so useful with the new wound allocation rules.

Well, I guess that I should get back to these Swiftclaws. I just hope that I have enough green stuff in the house!


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