Chooser of the Slain: painted and based

So, here she is, my first scratch build. All in all it was great fun to build something completely from scratch and I’m pretty happy as, apart from being ground based, she looks like the idea I had in my head before I started this project. I probably could have made her more detailed, there are no rivets for instance and I used smooth piping, but her size made her tricky to hold, let alone sculpt.

The front is meant to be largely organic, hinting that she is, or once was a raven.

The back was vaguely inspired by the Iron Chicken from The Clangers, and is much more metallic. I don’t know how she’d fly- I imagine that there are Grav Plates attached somewhere!

Finally, in order to get an idea of scale, here she is next to my Rune Priest.

I need to catch up on my painting next, but I have more stuff waiting to be built when I clear some of the painting queue!



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