Rulebooks, allies and panic painting

Just a quick update tonight as I’m still up to my ears in work. I am taking time out on Saturday though to go to the start of the summer campaign at my local GW. This means that I a) have to learn the rules, b) write a list and c) have the relevant models ready. I might be able to do point b on time…

I am not going to panic paint though, well, not much. I want to get blocks of colours on my Long Fangs and the rest of the scouts- the blue-grey on the armour, the Boltgun Metal and the yellow on the shoulder pads at least.

Learning the rules is my current task. I’m very glad that there’s a summary at the back of the book, as I can skim through and get an idea of what has changed and what has stayed the same. I’m tempted to make some posters up for the back of the toilet door, so that I am frequently reminded of them. The act of writing things down sometimes helps me to remember them, although I normally can get by just by reading stuff. At the moment though I’m a little bit stressed, so my memory can be a little bit patchy.

However all the time in the lab does give me thinking time, sometimes what I think up is vaguely (very) odd, but sometimes it’s quite useful. For a while now I’ve been considering adding a Wolf Blade unit to my Space Wolf list but I’ve not been sure how to do it. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve been annoyed at the lack of a flyer for Space Wolves (that and a flyer goes with my raider theme) but now that allies are allowed, I’m trying to think round it. At one point I was considering Grey Knights with a counts-as Inquisitor to represent a navigator and a Storm Raven as a shuttle, but today I had an idea: I’m going to use Blood Angels as allies. A counts-as Librarian for the HQ and, rather than Blood Angels as Wolf Blades, I’m going to use Death Company as Wulfen and add in the Storm Raven as Fast Attack. It’s not an immediate plan- I want to get the core of my army done first, but it’s nice to get it sorted. I’m quite enjoying the potential of allies, it potentially adds a lot of flexibility to the game.

I’m also quite liking the fact that my Swift Claws are suddenly a more sensible idea. I guess that I’m going to pick some Space Marine bikes up sooner rather than later. Still, I’ll have a better idea how I’m going to play this army after Saturday.



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