Life is catching up…

I’ve had a copy of 6th edition for over four days now and I still haven’t read the new rules. I am sharing a copy with my boyfriend but he read it within two days and I’ve read the fluff… The main reason that I haven’t made a start on the rules is tiredness. I want to tear through the book at full speed and maybe even set up a few games at home, but The Thesis is beginning to catch up and instead I’ve spent the last couple of days curled up on the sofa after work. Likewise, I haven’t done any painting or model building since Sunday afternoon.

So my hobby work is likely to be a bit sporadic for a bit, which is a pity as I’m going to take part in a campaign at my local Games Workshop store this summer and I haven’t a clue how 6th edition even works at the moment, let alone finished all of my models.

I’m wondering if I can sneak my rulebook into work. My current experiment resembles a plasma gun in that it randomly stops working (and involves plasma), so I’m spending a lot of time sitting staring at two numbers on a computer screen in case one of them changes. It would be the perfect time to catch up with my reading. It’s just a pity that the rulebook is so big!


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